Paracord Ends Project





Introduction: Paracord Ends Project

Here are a couple of projects to use up cord ends. They make great zipper pulls. The top knot in each photo shows the knot I used in the tutorials. The red and tan knots used 1 foot of left over cord and the middle white knots 1 1/2 feet each although one foot would have been possible with this heavier cord. The left hand knots each took a liottle over 2 feet of the ever thicker cord

Step 1:

Both finished knots use the same starting knot. Middle a cord to make a bight and bring down both ends along side the bight

Step 2:

Bring the left end Under 3, over 3 and through the loop formed

Step 3:

Bring the left end over, under and up through the loop as shown

Step 4:

Slightly tighten that base knot

Step 5:

Take either end and bring it down to the right of the adjacent cord going under cord one as shown

Step 6:

Do the same with the remaining cord

Step 7:

Take either end and continue in that same path and up through the center on the knot

Step 8:

Do the same with the other cord and tighten the knot

Step 9:

Starting with the base knot (see steps 1 - 3) bring either end down to the left of the adjacent cord as shown going under one

Step 10:

Bring the remaining cord down an shown

Step 11:

Take either end and bring it over 2 and under 2 (crossing point) as snhown

Step 12:

Do the same with the other end and tighten the knot. This has the appearance of the diamond/lanyard knot but is a bit bulkier



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    Pull in the direction of the cord end

    If you added direction to pull which one, It would be more easy to follow. I've confused.