For this bracelet, I used a knot I learned about 35 years ago when I did a lot of macrame.  I don't remember the name it came by, but I always called it the eternity knot.  So if you know it by another name please don't call me to task for it.  Okay?  By any name, it is an easy but complicated looking knot.

This is the first time I tried putting it together in sequence for a bracelet.  I hadn't bought any clip bracelet attachments yet, so I used the knot and loop method of closing the bracelet.  But I will give you directions on how to go about it with attachments too.

Besides paracord, you will need scissors, needle nosed pliers, cigarette lighter and measuring tool.

For now, lets just get started....

Step 1: Getting Started

This is a two color model and I used colors that I hope stand out well enough for you.
Start with two strands of paracord each 7 feet long.
(It turns out I could have used 6 feet, but I didn't want to come up short!)

For my wrist, I needed it 7 1/4" long. This is actual wrist size. From the beginning of the first square knot, to the end of the last square knot. The attachment or knot and loop method, will give you leeway in fit.  You do not want the bracelet plus the closing method to be exactly your wrist size or it will pinch very badly.

Fold one cord in half and put a loop DOWN through your bracelet attachment. Then pull both ends through the loop and tighten. In this picture you can see that the cross bar of the hitch is in back...if you pulled the loop UP through the attachment, you would have a cross bar in back of your work.  I think it looks much better with it in front.  It makes it look more finished and neat.

Here I used a simple piece of cord. As you can see, I didn't tighten the hitch knot at all.  That is because the loop that remains when the holding cord is removed, will be the top loop of my bracelet closure.

Nice instructable.&nbsp; A couple of other names this knot goes by are the <em>Carrick Bend</em> and <em>Josephine Knot</em>. :)
Josephine sounds familiar. Maybe that is the name I learned it under. Thank you! <br>And thanks for the complement!!!
That looks really nice, I'll give it a try.
Thank you! It was fun to make and only takes about 1/2 hr to 45 min to make.

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