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Introduction: Paracord Fishing Fly/Lure/You Name It

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This is my instructable on how to make this survival fishing lure And I am dedicating this to user: gearup500 for being an awesome fan!

Step 1: The Fixin's

First you will need a sharp knife, zippo (any lighter), hook, 3 in. paracord (any color), and a pin to fray the paracord.

Step 2: The Making

First off, the inner strands out at least quarter-inch, and put the hook in like so.....and bent the paracord so you know where to cut.

Step 3: Almost Done!

Flip that zippo and melt the paracord so it stays on the hook.

Step 4: Seriously Almost Done

Take the needle and fray it a little, and tie the strand on and BABAM just about done, cut the extra paracord strand and [carefully] singe the ends.

Step 5: And Were Finally Done

Depends on how big of a hook you're using I put it on the zippo for size. Happy fishing!



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    I've used it before Orange green and white are the big hitters I have gotten work pretty well.