This instructable will show you how to make a quick and easy retention strap/tether for your garbage can lids using paracord.  A paracord strap will keep your garbage can's lid tethered to the garbage can, so that it doesn't get lost or blown away on windy days.  It's no fun coming home on garbage day to find the lids from your garbage cans nowhere in sight, possibly blown somewhere in the neighborhood down the street, in someone's hedges, briarpatch, or backyard, or into a gutter, ditch, or storm drain out of reach.  More knotty stuff on my blog:  http://stormdrane.blogspot.com

*You can add some weight to the bottom of the trash/garbage can itself, to help keep it from blowing over.  Add some rocks, a few bricks, sand, or a cinder block to the bottom of the can, and it will help keep it upright and in place unless it's just extremely windy.  Do this with wheeled cans, but I wouldn't recommend it with the type you have to carry, unless you just want the exercise.  ;)

Step 1: Supplies

-Garbage can with lid
-3 feet of paracord, but you can use more or less depending on how long you want the tether to be.

Optional supples:

-For thick plastic or metal garbage cans, a drill and 1/8" drill bit can be used to make the holes in the can and lid, if an awl won't work for you.
-A small metal or plastic washer may be glued in place around the hole on the inside of the can and lid for added strength, so the knot isn't pulled back through the hole, but I've never found one necessary .
<p>Excellent instructions for a very useful item. Thanks!</p>
What's the point?
The point is not to lose the garbage can lid. When you reach a time in life where you have to spend hard earned money for garbage cans, you don't wan to find the lids missing or having to go search for them on a windy, wet, rainy day. <br> <br>Lids help keep the garbage in the can, along with the associated odors, and keep animals, bugs, pests, scavengers out.... ;)

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