Step 4: That's a Wrap

Once the braiding is done on the strap it time to attach the other end of the gun, in my case the barrel of the rifle.

To do this the first thing I did was to split the braid back into two sets of 3 strands each and basically doing the same on the barrel as I did at the back grip.

I did a short 3 strand braid on each side and again inter weaved them but this time I did two more braids and a inter weave so that the strands end up at the bottom.

If you what to you can finish off the strap now of continue with another six strand braid so that there is a piece of strap hanging down in front. Once the strap was done, I made a simple knot and cut the rest of the cords off. I also melted the end off the cords to prevent unraveling.

The strap is optional and I made it because I had some paracord left after the braiding but you also wrap the barrel in paracord by continuing the up down braiding.
<p>Great tutorial! Here's my version of a single point sling attachment that I made for work.</p>
hey know this sound stupid but does anyone know where to get cheap paracord?
<p>I guess you could start with cheap paracord, but it's probably not real paracord. I do sell paracord through my business.</p>
I just thought I'd say that the sling is not solely for carrying the rifle but is I fact used for shooting by wrapping it around your arm which locks your arm which in turn steadies the muzzle but still a cool instructable
@killer pyro the way to tell the real paracord make sure the pounds test is 550 pounds
Ikuziez9680: Common rule is 1' of paracord for each 1&quot; of weave. <br> <br>Killer pyro: There are lots of places to get paracord, not all are the same though. I've read that there's lots of false paracord out there. These guys sell the real stuff: http://campingsurvival.com
do you have any faint idea how much paracord this will use, I am looking forward to making this as soon as I know
This would make a good airsoft sling if you could attach it to a sling mount pin.
Yes thanks, the nearest category I can think of was airsoft since Instructables does have a weapons or guns section.

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