Step 4: That's a wrap

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Once the braiding is done on the strap it time to attach the other end of the gun, in my case the barrel of the rifle.

To do this the first thing I did was to split the braid back into two sets of 3 strands each and basically doing the same on the barrel as I did at the back grip.

I did a short 3 strand braid on each side and again inter weaved them but this time I did two more braids and a inter weave so that the strands end up at the bottom.

If you what to you can finish off the strap now of continue with another six strand braid so that there is a piece of strap hanging down in front. Once the strap was done, I made a simple knot and cut the rest of the cords off. I also melted the end off the cords to prevent unraveling.

The strap is optional and I made it because I had some paracord left after the braiding but you also wrap the barrel in paracord by continuing the up down braiding.