This is one of the first knots that i learned and has been a lot of fun to teach friends because it is very simple and anyone can do it.

The handcuff knot i am about to show you can be used for many things like playing around and joking.
I do not not suggest you use this to tie up a actual criminal and am not responsible for what happens if you do so.

Step 1: Materials

 For this knot, all you need is about 2" of Paracord. (size varies by person)

I used about that for this project
I use a figure eight knot to tie off the ends it's super strong and can be untied no matter what the strain
You spelled bight wrong.
this is the method i use for tying my shoe laces<br /> always surprises someone when they notice how i tie them&nbsp;
It is a shoelace knot.&nbsp; It makes one of the best handcuff knots there is.&nbsp; Once you apply it, you have to do something with the loose ends to keep from pulling them back through.&nbsp; If the cuffs are behind the person, a square knot usually works at least for a little while.&nbsp; <br />
&nbsp;yes, it works great. i usually would use a reef knot to tie the other ends
&nbsp;if the person was a criminal i would use a punch to the face to stop the ends from slipping back through. then finish it up with a quick string of cobra knots.<br /> <br /> <br />

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