Picture of Paracord Headband
Just so you know, I did not design this project. I found it in a Book, made a few minor changes, and put it on. Very cool design though, try it!
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Step 1: What You Will Need

Picture of What You Will Need
On 20" piece of paracord
One 16' piece of paracord
Invisible tape
One 1" headband

Step 2: Step 1

Picture of Step 1
Okay, let's get started.

Take the 14" piece of paracord and take the inner layer out.

Step 3: Step 2

Picture of Step 2
Now tape it to the headband

Step 4: Step 3

Picture of Step 3
14, 4:11 PM.jpg
14, 4:43 PM.jpg
Center the 16' piece of paracord and do the first stitch

Step 5: Step 4

Picture of Step 4
14, 4:11 PM.jpg
14, 4:11 PM.jpg
Now take the tape off and tie the second part of the knot

Step 6:

Picture of
Continue on for a while

Step 7: Step 6

Picture of Step 6
When you are finished, cut and melt the ends
ParaGunner1324 (author) 7 months ago
Thank you. I do my best. :)
angiedj628 months ago

Thank you so much for posting this. I have been looking for way to do this and this one is just what I was looking for minus the center line. My niece will be attending college in the fall and I found two headbands in her school colors and now I can make soe headbands for her so she can be the envy of her freshman class and MAYBE she can send some vusiness my way. I've already made a paracord box knot key chain and two bracelets. She is going to love this because she is ALWAYS wearing headbands.

These are the ones I made for her. Thanks again for the instructions. You are my genius of the day.

EmeraldOre11 months ago

Definitely making this sometime!

ParaGunner1324 (author) 11 months ago
Survivorkidjr11 months ago
Thanks! I am making one for my sisters b-day!
ParaGunner1324 (author) 1 year ago
Yeah. I make these for my sisters all the time.
RZombie791 year ago
I love this. A good way for a female to keep some paracord with her at all times.