Introduction: Paracord Jig "I Made It at TechShop"

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This poplar paracord jig was was made at This jig was crafted to ease the production of multiple paracord items. With this jig I am able to craft bracelets, key fobs, and dog collars up to 16".


Step 1: I Made This Paracord Jig From Poplar

This project was very inexpensive to make. I purchased all of the lumber and hardware at Lowes.

Step 2: Start by Cutting Your Wood to Size

You can use any type of wood you would like, however I chose Poplar for it's ease to work with. You can make this jig with only three boards. You will need one 1x8x24, one 1x2x48, and one 1x3x24. I used the Saw Stop table saw at in Chandler, AZ to cut all of my boards to size.

Start by cutting the 1x2x48 in half so you have two pieces 24" in length. Next, cut the 1x3x24 into six 4" pieces. Finally, you will need to cut the slot in the main board with a jig saw. That is the extent of your cutting.

Step 3: Sand and Assemble the Pieces

I sanded all of the boards with a random orbital sander at I then glued and clamped all the pieces together.

Step 4: Mounting the Hardware

Picture of Mounting the Hardware

Finally, I stained the project with Minwax Pecan Satin stain and mounted all of the hardware.


Hal4884 made it! (author)2017-04-25

Seen a couple of these on instructables this might be the better looking one. Mine not so well finished. anyways. Works great though.

tomsweet65 (author)2014-04-28

Nice job... think I might have to make one like it....

Rmiller98 (author)tomsweet652014-04-29

Thank you for the kind words. This one is also for sale if you do not feel like making one. Just saying. :-)

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