Paracord Keychain, Survival Keychain With Carabiner By ParaVival

Picture of Paracord Keychain, Survival Keychain With Carabiner By ParaVival

Throughout this Instructable, I will demonstrate how to make a paracord keychain, or a "survival keychain". You can create almost anything you put your mind to with 550 cord, and today we will be making a keychain. Follow closely and learn how to make a cool keychain that could come in handy someday. Check out my other Instructables and learn how to make other cool paracord creations.

Full and Easier to navigate version can be found on my personal site here: How to Make a Paracord Keychain

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Step 1: What You'll Need

Picture of What You'll Need
What You'll Need
  • 550 Paracord. About 7-8 feet
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Tape Measure
  • Carabiner and key ring - On Amazon!
  • Binder clip- Optional

Step 2: Starting With A Basic Cow Hitch

Picture of Starting With A Basic Cow Hitch
In this step, we will start by creating a simple cow hitch.
  • Start by folding your cord in half.
  1. In part one of the diagram you will take the midway point of your folded cord and place it through your "O" ring.
  2. Now take the loose ends of the cord and place it through the midway point like shown in part 2 of the diagram.
  3. Pull tight and you now have your cow hitch. Make sure the two ends are equal lengths. If not, simply adjust accordingly.

Step 3: Prepping Your Inner Cords

Picture of Prepping Your Inner Cords
The numbers correspond to the parts in the diagram. Follow closely! The pictures greatly help the description.
  1. Place your loose ends through the bottom of the Carabiner and give yourself about 4 inches from the "O" ring to the carabiner.
  2. Fold the cord over and bring it so it meets up with the "O" ring.
  3. Attach the paper clip to hold the cord in place right up against the cow hitch.
  4. Fold the cord back up and bring it towards the carabiner.
MrVortex 1 month ago
And whenever I pull the first cobra braid it just moves to the o-ring
MrVortex 1 month ago
Is the paper clip holding all the cords because I can't really tell with your pictures
bhagan88 4 months ago
Your tips on how to finish / burning the ends really helped! Thanks!
the.paul.lyons made it!6 months ago

Great instructable! Very easy to follow!

StevenG27 months ago

I am more than likely going to make one of these, but shouldn't it have a way of taking it apart for survival use?

beljar49 months ago
I guess it worked this time. }:-/
beljar49 months ago
love this keychain. I use it at work and clip keys to the carabiner side and clip the keyring to a key clip on my belt. however the keys would bounce up and down a few inches with every step. so I unravelled it and made it about 1.5 inches long. it isn't so bouncy now. this is now not a "survival" key chain, but it works for what I need. thanks for the instructable.
tried to post a picture but it's not working for me.
awhite501 year ago

i can't tell anything

eamarille1 year ago
instead of clamping, I ran the cord back through the cowloop. the twist ended up being a nice touch. added skulls on both sides just cuz I had them laing around.
facklere made it!1 year ago

This was my first paracord project. Thanks! :)

Paravival (author)  facklere1 year ago

Nice job! Looks great. You are very welcome.

cgriff14302 years ago
How do I prevent it from twisting around instead of staying straight
parabuilder2 years ago
trisomy212 years ago
Nice, little thing I've been doing lately is pushing some heavier test fluorocarbon fishing line through the core before sealing it. It's not too hard to push a couple strands through provided the paracord is straight. Makes it an even more valuable survival tool :)
Paravival (author)  trisomy212 years ago

Fabulous! Thank's for the idea!
Lethrwolf2 years ago
Just FYI... The knot you are using is a MACRAME basic knot, called a 'SQUARE KNOT'
But you can call it what you like.
These are great ideas though.
Another great post! Thanks for the share.
Paravival (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago