Picture of Paracord Keychain (Tutorial)
To make this you will need to look back at the paracord bracelet and know how to do the Cobra Stitch/Weave
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
You will need 2 different color paracord, any of your choosing
The orange paracord is 7ft and the blue one is a little bit over a foot
I like to make the rope size longer just to be safe

Step 2:

Picture of
Grab the longest rope of your choosing and fold in half to have it equal length on both sides and should have a loop at the top

Step 3:

Picture of
U will want to grab the loop and have it pointing towards yourself
Have the cord straight and the cords out to the side and should look like a T or Y
Make it the length you desire an it will be the length of the keychain

Step 4: Cobra Stitch

Picture of Cobra Stitch
To start off you will need to know how to do the cobra stitch..if you don't know how, check out my paracord bracelet tutorial and come back to this
But if u do then great :D

Step 5:

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Your doing the exact same stitch but just without a buckle
But once you have the first one done keep going to the desired length you want it. But make sure you leave a decent size loop at the end.

Step 6:

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Flip over your keychain that you have so that the loop is favoring away from you

Step 7:

Picture of
This part is kinda hard
The stitch your going to learn is called the King Cobra Stitch/Weave (this is where the shorter string comes in)
Lay the shorter cord ontop of the keychain you made so far

Step 8:

King Cobra Stitch is basically the same thing as the Cobra Stitch but your just doing it ontop of the stitch you already made

Step 9:

Picture of
You need to make the first part of the stitch but not the whole stitch like you see in the picture

Step 10:

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Once you have that you need to do the second part of the Cobra Stitch under the shorter string so that it wouldn't be covered
gevan5 months ago
love tot make thuis in red