Picture of Paracord Knife Handle
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Make a Paracord Knife Handle, the paracord supplies you will need: A Knife, about 6 feet of Paracord, some scissors, and a lighter. If the handle of your knife fell off or broke, simply wrap it in 550 Paracord. Then when you need some rope just unravel it from your knife and your ready to go. Already completed this learn more Paracord Knots, try these other Paracord Projects.

Step 1: Paracord Knife Handle - Step 1

Picture of Paracord Knife Handle - Step 1
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Take the center strings out of the paracord, then fold the paracord in half. Put the knife in the middle, and wrap the paracord around it making it cross, like in the picture below. Pull it tight, and bring the paracord to the other side and cross it.

Hewkii6 months ago

where did you get that knife?