Picture of Paracord Knot Display Bord
This is simply a piece of wood with some simple and some fancy knots on, despite being simple and easy to make they look very good. I have decided to use red, green, blue and yellow 550 Paracord. Paracord is cord that is used in parachutes and the 550 simply tells you the weight it can take, this type can take a maximum load of 550lbs. Although I have used Paracord any rope will do, and you don’t need multiple colours although it does help to show how the knots are tied.

Step 1: Parts, tools, etc.

Picture of Parts, tools, etc.
You will need:
Some sort of rope, I used Paracord from Ebay
Lighter, match or some sort of heat source capable of melting your rope
Wire cutters or something to cut the rope
Label maker
A marble
Piece of wood for mounting the knots
Nails- U shaped
Screws- long enough to go through the back board and into the dowel
A hammer
troop131 month ago

Very Nice!!! i need to make me one of thease for my troop boys to help them learn there knots:)

kros59203 years ago
Were can i but paracord.
Military Surplus store
www.supplycaptain.com. they only sell TRUE paracord and loads of it. you name the color, they probably have it!
Go to Campingsurvival.com and you can get 1000ft for 35 bucks.
Cheaperthandirt.com $20 for 300 feet. Every color in the rainbow and a few that aren't including camo patterns.
Jamie bagn (author)  kros59203 years ago
I got mine from Ebay
Thanks for the instructions, i just built this for my son - so he can practice his knots for scouts.
LOVE THIS 5 STARS! this is Awesome!
rlagill3 years ago
Jamie: Have you considered using ping-pong balls inside your Monkey's Fist key fob, in order to make it float? (boaters' keys). Ping-pong balls are very tough, nice and light, and almost indestructible. I would very much appreciate your "how-to" on the Monkey's Fist and Lanyard Knot as shown in step 13 above. Rick
Avatar_I_Am4 years ago
Can you go back to th e 'Highwaymans Hitch' and the 'Bowline' and show the steps like you did the others? I have been able to do a Bowline for years, but I don't get the Highwaymans...
Jamie bagn (author)  Avatar_I_Am4 years ago
I'm in the USA at the moment but when I get back to the UK I will reupload them. Thanks for pointing this out.
Jamie bagn (author) 4 years ago
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