Step 12: Diamond knot

This knot is also known as the Lanyard knot and the Chinese Button knot and has been used for centuries. This is a decorative knot although it can also be used as a stopper knot in stranded rope. This knot is fairly tricky to master initially but as always practice makes perfect. Once tied tis knot is strong and fairly permanent being a pain to undo.
To make it easier to see what I have done I have used 2 different colours however in the finished thing I have just used one colour. For the final thing in one colour I used one length of Paracord and folded it in half. First you need to put the cord between your fingers with a finger between them (image 2), then you need to make a loop with the lower cord over the higher (image 3) then bring the other cord round under the tail of the first cord over one side of the loop, under the start if the second cord and the over the other side of the loop (image 4) then you need to wrap the first cord round the outside of the knot and when it’s half way round push it up through the centre of the knot (image 5) then repeat with the other cord (image 6) and finally pull tight (image 7). Image 1 shows the single length of cord version that was mounted on the board.