Step 13: Monkeys Fist

The monkeys fist is fairly simple in design but when completed looks amazing. It was originally used by sailors to add weight to the end of lines so that they were easier to throw, its name came from the fact that it looks a little like a fist and that monkeys will not voluntarily let go of something once they’ve got it. This knot can also be made into key ring (image 2) if i get enough votes I may consider selling them on Ebay.
To make this knot you will need a small spherical object like a large marble, although they can be made any size for this application we don’t want it too big. To make a monkeys fist you wrap the cord round your hand several times, the number of times depends on the size of your spherical object, (image 3), then remove your middle two fingers and place you spherical object in their place (image 4), then wrap your cord round the cylindrical object vertically the same number of times as you did previously going over the cord previously wrapped (image 5), now you need to remove your fingers from in between the marble and the cord ensuring that it doesn’t all unwrap (image 6), next wrap the cord round going under the cord where your fingers were and over the other (image 7) and finally slowly work it tight (image 1)