Step 2: Take Pallet Apart

There are many different ways to take apart pallets in order to use the wood for something else. I have  found that prying them apart causes a lot of damage to the wood and is a lot more work then is necessary. So, my preferred method is to cut the pieces apart using a sawzall.

All you have to do is cut through the nails that are holding it together and you are good to go (with minimal damage to the  wood). If you want you can pop the remaining parts of the nails out of the wood.

Just take the sawzall and cut right between the piece you would like to save (the top piece) and the thick frame. Try to cut just the nails and not too much of the wood. Once you get the hang of it it will go really fast.

<p>Brilliant! </p>
<p>I would recommend either furniture webbing or running cord(s) up and down the backside. The lumber is in tension - pulling it across the grain which is its weakest dimension. Like a chain, it is as strong as its weakest link.</p><p>Also worth chamfering the drilled holes on both sides to minimize sharp edges cutting the cord.</p>
<p>Good points Oppie - or thread the cord through 2 points inboard and outboard in the slats</p>
<p>Thank you for that suggestion. I agree with you. I have seen this design before and would like to make one sometime and will remember your suggestions. : )</p>
<p>&quot;Hanging chair&quot;?</p><p>In the good old days people had to stand to get hung!</p>
<p>Perfect project for my boy scout troop. We have lots of pallets left over from a mulch fund raiser and 550 cord from a donated parachute. I can see a lot of scouts jumping on this as they can roll it up and use on camp outs. We'll make spreader bars too so they can hang from a branch. Thanks for the idea. The scouts will love it.</p>
<p>This is cool! I'm planning to making a couple of chairs, but i'm concerned about the boards splitting. I was thinking about running two ropes behind the boards (like a rope bridge), and then tying the boards into the ropes rather than each other, Any comments or thoughts?</p>
<p>love this!!! and I like all the different variations that everyone is making! great idea! </p>
<p>How wide were your boards? Were they basically 1x2 or 1x4? I want to make two of them, but I'm planning on using new lumber.</p>
<p>that is amzing </p>
<p>Absolutely awesome. Will make this one day (when I finally have a tree big enough to support it). Some food for thought: the current design lets the boards flex vertically, but would be cool to let them flex horizontally as well so it can fit your contours sideways as well (almost like a hammock). Problem with that is that the whole thing could basically sag into something like a deflated balloon when it isn't used, so would be nice to find a way to limit the horizontal flex. If I ever make that I'll come back to post the shots. Thx for the idea!</p>
Good job
<p>Love this project - some mods from original plans - as you can see the chair is being enjoyed! Thanks for this idea and the plans!</p>
<p>I'm book marking this as a possible future project for my conservation group. a few of these would be great in the woods near our community centre </p>
Awesome make. Painted with spray paint and skull sprayed on too, both sides. Very comfy, very happy girl.
this goes directly to my to-do list
<p>Great, please send/post a picture when you finish.</p>
How much cord did it take you
<p>Less than 100'</p>
Just put mine up!!
<p>This is SO great! Well done!</p>
I really like this thank you for stepping out and doing this instruct-able ! Hope you do more !
I've got this on my list for a nice winter project that I can use next spring. Thank you for the inspiration and thanks for posting. If I travel to Florida I'll bring mine along and we can sit and chat with a glass of ice tea in your nice garden.
That would be nice, but I live in Guam. :)
Here's one solution to &quot;where to hang my chair&quot;.
Nice, I like the torching too.
I JUST finished my own chair! I haven't hung it up, because I'm a little limited as to what I can hang it on. I have no trees in my backyard, and even though my front yard has 4 trees, they're a bit staggered, so it's tricky. Not just that, but since it's in the front yard, I don't want to build a 2x4 rig that everyone will see. The only options I have are <br> <br>1. Hang all 4 corners from 1 branch(I don't see that functioning properly, since it will be VERY uncomfortable) <br>2. Hang it from 2 branches, both on a different tree each. They're both parallel with each other, but are a bit far apart. <br> <br>If I EVER find how to hang it(either today or tomorrow hopefully), I'll try and post a picture, but after accomplishing stuff I usually begin procrastinating, so we'll see how things go!
You could hang it from one branch, but you would need to make some sort of frame to run the corner ropes through.
Im in the Army and I made a chair for myself and a friend. Worked great! its awsome for when we go to the field and need something to relax on. Way cooler than a hammock and definately more interesting to talk about. Great Post!
nice i love it and it gave a good idea <br>thanx
wow, nice job.
Is there anyway you could give the measurements in the length of the cords and the distance between the front and back ones? I'm having a hard time tweaking mine just right. I just hung it straight from the tree branches. Once you're in it, it's pretty nice, but it's super hard to get in and out. <br> <br>Overall, I love it! Once I really get the length adjustments down, I plan on making a nicer one for my grandmother as a gift. This is such a great idea! Always looking for ways to make use of all the pallets sitting around at work.
It is kind of like a hammock,just a little tricky to get into- just keep tweaking you will find the &quot;sweet spot&quot;. I would love to see what your chair looks like, please upload a pic if you get a chance.
Thanks. Will keep tweaking. Here's a pic.
Do you remember approximately how much paracord you used for yours?
I don't know exactly, but 100' cord is definitely enough for one of these chairs. I don't think it's quite enough for 2.
Only 100'? That's MUCH less than what I thought it would be! Thank you for the input, now hopefully my chair will turn out half as nice as yours did!
Do you have an estimation of how much paracord you used? I want a starting point on how much Paracord I should buy, because I buy my paracord locally by 100' sections.

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