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Make a Paracord Lanyard to hold your ID badge. A lanyard made of paracord will last a long time, and is very durable. You can pick from hundreds of colors of paracord. You can also add a Tracer, which is a piece of micro paracord braided in. The Paracord Supplies you will need is 2 feet of 550 Paracord, a keyring or clip, and a release. Plus some scissors and a lighter. Already made a Paracord Lanyard, Learn how to make a Paracord Bracelet, Paracord Keychain, or other Paracord Projects.

Step 1: Paracord Lanyard

Picture of Paracord Lanyard
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Paracord Lanyard step 1, fold the in half, and tie the paracord to the keyring. Then bring one piece of paracord across, bring the second piece over the top, around the back, and up through the hole made by the first piece of paracord.

jagy124 made it!4 months ago
sencillo gracias a las buenas imágenes.
TurcSMASH made it!6 months ago
Nice instructable. It was very easy to follow. Thanks a ton.

where did you get the release?

Not sure if you found some or where, but I found some at Amazon.com


I found some at Hobby Lobby.

AkParacord (author)  sparrowmict1 year ago

I'll check..

I made it with a twist couldn't find the latch to finish it so improvised with two knots so it could be made larger or smaller by sliding. And added some character with a jewlery cog instead of a regular key ring loop. (Its a gift) Thanks so much!

black_mesa1 year ago
very easy! perfect size too