Picture of Paracord Laptop Harness
I noticed there wasn't really a design for a paracord laptop harness/carrier made out of just paracord that didn't involve simply weaving it, so I decided to remedy this with the paracord contest as a motivator.

So please, do vote for me!

When starting this project, I had several criteria I wanted to hit, and after three other prototypes, this one succeeds.
1) 100% paracord
2) Symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing
3) Successfully holds the darn laptop where it's supposed to be!
4) Is easy to remove the laptop from and easy to put it back in

(Auxillary benefit was that it also happened to leave my stickers visible, because they're awesome.)
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Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed
You won't need much for this project. I used about 44 feet of paracord, though you will probably need more if your laptop is bigger. I used my 10" Acer netbook. If you don't already have this much paracord lying around, its cheap enough to buy. If you're the sort of person who likes paracord and has plenty, then its free.

Scissors are for cutting paracord.

Lighter is for burning the ends (do be careful)

Gaffer's Tape is optional, but I find it useful and it leaves no residue on either the paracord or the laptop. If you don't have gaffer's tape, any sort of tape will do.

Step 2: Prep

Picture of Prep
Cut four lengths of paracord to the same length. These strands will form the body of the harness. Mine were 8' long, but you might want to add an extra foot or three if your laptop is bigger than a 10" netbook.

Not pictured is another pair of strands about 6' long each for the handles. Set those aside as you won't need them for a while.

I recommend burning the ends to prevent fraying while you're working.

Step 3: Pair 'em off and round 'em up!

Picture of Pair 'em off and round 'em up!
Pair off your body strands and find the center. Tape it off and keep the two pairs separate from each other.

While you're here, break off a few pieces of tape and have them handy nearby on the edge of a table or something.
Dr.Paj made it!4 months ago

I used the same design that you did with the same lengths of cord. One problem with converting this design to a shorter, deeper box was that it was tough to get the paracord to go around the corners. Luckily, the cord can go directly to the bottom of the speakers and it likely won't fall out of the sling.

Now I have a weatherproof set of speakers with an easy carrying sling as it didn't come with anything when I purchased it. Just add a carabiner and you can hook this to a backpack without it taking up the room inside.

JJ Johnson1 year ago
I made one for my 17 inch laptop.. Had to do quite the conversion of measurements haha

how much cord did you use?

Super cool! I could never trust myself to make this haha. I would probably forget something then CRACK... Laptop gone :)
This is so impressive. You must have practiced a ton to be able to engineer something that great fitting with simple cord. Good for you for reaching that level in craftsmanship and skill. :)
Fun2Hold2 years ago
This is freaking awesome! Love it!!!
dkansara12 years ago
This is awesome.......
ThatEmilyPerson (author)  dkansara12 years ago
Thanks! :) I'm glad you think so.
NJohneer2 years ago
I made this for my HP Mini (11" x 8" closed).

I used four strands of 7' each.

I'm using this as a sling for my netbook because I frequently carry it onto rooftops in my job.

I did not cobra weave the handles. Instead, I tied a butterfly loop (search Animated Knots by Grog) on one side and threaded the other handle through it, linking a carabiner to it. I link the carabiner to another loop of rope and swing the notebook over my back.

Thank you, Emily!
ThatEmilyPerson (author)  NJohneer2 years ago
That's a fantastic adaptation! Great job on adjusting the design for your needs. That looks like it will hold your netbook quite nicely.

I'm glad that you found my 'ible useful. It's great to see what you've been able to do, you took great pictures. I think your job, whatever it is, is pretty awesome if you're taking your netbook onto roofs with that kind of frequency. Have a blast!
Crucio3 years ago
Wow, really nice looking combination of knots/stitches! Beautiful result.
ThatEmilyPerson (author)  Crucio3 years ago
Thank you! I'm really glad that you like it :)
Good to see you got a first place win too. Now what are you going to do to beat this project? We'll be waiting.
Hmmm, I'll have to see what I can do. I'm in the process of ordering some more paracord right now, so I'll probably have some new stuff up once it comes in :)
Congratulations on winning a prize in the Paracord Contest! I love your project (and your name). Great work!
ThatEmilyPerson (author)  emilygraceking3 years ago
Thanks so much! I like your name too, lol!
I measured my laptop and it is 14 and 1/2 inches. About how much paracord will i use?
I'd probably use four 10-11 foot strands for the body, just to be safe. That totals to 52 feet when you add 12' total for the handles.
Oooo or make straps that can come on and off so that you can sling it over your shoulder and keep your hands free!
ThatEmilyPerson (author)  ElfUnderCover3 years ago
Actually, several of my original designs featured a shoulder strap, but I couldn't get them to incorporate several of my criteria, namely that I wanted the weight of the laptop on the cord to hold it in place and I wanted it to be easily removed from the harness.

Unfortunately, I'm also a bit short on paracord at the moment (need to drop by the next gun show in town) to go about making shoulder straps but I'm definitely going to look into it when I rework the project.
Nice use of cord. You should follow up with a pouch or some way to hold/carry the power cord with this.
Oooh, that's a great idea! I'll definitely think about that and see what I come up with, thanks