Paracord Magazine Pulls (Tactical Magazine Extractors)...on the Cheap!





Introduction: Paracord Magazine Pulls (Tactical Magazine Extractors)...on the Cheap!

How to make cheap tactical magazine extractors. Mag pouch have an annoying tendency of holding mag to tight, making it hard to remove mags when needed. This method of making so called "magazine pulls" has been around for awhile, and I don't claim to have invented this, but it wasn't on instructables yet, so I thought I'd put it up.

This article is pend with 30 round aluminum USGI AR-15/M-16/M-4 magazines in mind, but it can be made to work for most any magazine.

For a more professional look, check out

Step 1: What You Need

1. A Magazine, for this demo, we'll use a Bushmaster aluminum 30 round AR magazine.

2. Paracord, aka 550 cord. 6"-6.5" per magazine

3. 100mph tape, duck tape works to, gaff doesn't hold up well.

4. A cutting tool. for paracord.

4. FIRE! lighter works just fine.

Step 2: Prep

Pic1. Make sure the mag is unloaded.

Pic2. Cut 6" to 6.5" of paracord.

Pic3. Melt the ends of the paracord with the lighter. Because the paracord is made of nylon (a form of plastic) it melts (rather than burns) when exposed to flame. Hold the flame to the paracord until a decent blob of molten plastic forms. Remove fire and allow to cool for a few moments.

Step 3: Attach

Pic1. Lay the paracord in the center grove on the side of the magazine near the bottom.

Pic2. Cover with tape.

Pic3. Loop paracord over the bottom of the magazine, cover with tape to form the loop. I like the loops on my mags to be of a decent size, so no matter what gloves I am wearing, I can still "hook" the loop and pull the mag free of the mag pouch.

Wrap the mag with the 100mph tape a couple of times, not to much, or the mag will be fat, and even tigher in the mag pouch, but not so little that you pull the paracord out instead of the mag.

Pic4. Make sure the blob of melted paracord sits outside the tape, acting sorta like an anchor.

Pic5. Finished product.

Look at you with your fancy high-speed-low-drag home made mag puls. Time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, to bad we're all out of gum.
Shoot safe.



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    I second the besplate/zip-tie method. Even 100mph tape will eventually give out. Tie a fat knot at each end of your 550 cord with the stuffing replaced with zip-tie then just reattach the base plate with only the knots inside tha mag. Works well enough. Or just buy some MagPuls...

    thats what I did before I bought magpuls

    The best part about this is it's the kind of thing a soldier would actually use - 100mph/Duct tape and paracord are all standard surival kit components ;)

    I would just pull off the end plate about 1/2 inch and the add the 550 cord and close the base plate. but if you're not worried about using it often then it should work.

    Realy useful instructable. In Poland ASG shops made great interest on magpuls. They buy 3 pack for 10 bucks and sell single magpul for 10$ - stupidnes. So cheaper option is welcome :)

    Wow! so someone on this site (not sight.........) actually has an ar-15 rifle.

    I do mine a little different. I gut the paracord by pulling out the inner strands and then insert a short length of zip tie with the ratchet end clipped off. The springy plastic will always hold the loop open so you can find it under stress. I also tie knots in the ends of the paracord and use my magazine floorplates to hold them instead of using duck tape.

    What did you do to that lighter that makes it easier?

    Great job Hodge... keep up the good work.