This Instructable will teach you step by step how to make a monkey fist keychain. Some years back I went to a scout camp and another leader shared this cool knot with me. I hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: Things Needed

You will need:
35" to 40" of Paracord
1 Marble
2 Hands

Lighter to melt ends of paracord
Needle Nose Pliers to tighten knot
<p>it took me like 9 tries to make the darned thing.....but i made it after like an hour and a half while i should have been doing homework :) GG </p>
<p>idk how to make this but i wish i had one</p>
<p>I used an 8 ball instead.</p><p>I got arrested.</p>
<p>Thanks Joshdeg. I made a handle for it too. I used a metal ball so it actually can be used for self-defence. : )</p>
What would you use a monkeys fist for ?
<p>You can beat the s**t out of people with it</p>
<p>Exactly. That's what I'm making mine for.</p>
<p>Larger monkey's fists were used by sailors on the ends of heaving lines. A heaving line is a thin line with a weight on the end (the monkey's fist) that could be thrown from a ship to a dock (or another ship) a larger mooring line could then be tied on and pulled back across.</p>
<p>Just another way of making paracord more compact </p>
I have always failed at making these till this instructible and one other question do yo wrap loose or tight?
<p>Nice! This is a really cool keychain ornament.</p>
To make a neater cut, try wrapping a bit of insulation tape around the cord, then cut through the middle of that. You can still heat seal the ends and remove the tape.<br><br>Another option is to heat a knife blade with a small blow torch/turboflame lighter and then slice through.
To help me make it I made a lego stand to hold it while working. When done just take it apart
<p>Very well put-together - good photos, good instructions - you got my vote!</p>
This looks really cool. Now I just need to make it with all kinds of colors.

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