This is my 12th Instructable and it is on how to make a Paracord Monkey's Fist.

Step 1: Gathering

You need about 3 feet of paracord, a marble, and an index finger as well as a middle finger.

Step 2: The Start

Make a "V" with your two fingers, then put the marble in between them and start 4 loops.

Step 3: More of the Middle

Loop four times the other way.

Step 4: Almost Done

Take your two fingers out, then loop the string through the two other holes your fingers were in and do that four times.

Step 5: Again Almost Done!

Take that and tighten like so.

Step 6: Now You Are Done

You are done, just add a simple overhand knot, attach a carabineer and you are finished. Now you can hit your sibling (If You Have One.) as much as you like. :)

<p>try throught froom a ship like I us to do</p>
<p>it's funny how the picture in the thumbnail is like &quot; close enough&quot;, and how in the actual instructable looks likes it's made by a professional company.</p>
<p>Thanks for the complement!</p>
Would u know how bad it would hurt if u started swinging

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