Picture of Paracord Monster Cobra
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Cut 12-13 feet of cord three colors I'm using two strands of blue and one grey it doesn't matter if you have two grey and one blue either way it works. Depending on wrist size the one I'm doing is for a 8" wrist. You'll need •Scissors •Lighter •Buckle Jig (not required)

Step 2: Attach Both Colors To Your Buckle

Picture of Attach Both Colors To Your Buckle
I'm using a 5/8 buckle in this instruct able which is better for larger bracelets but you can use whatever size you want.

Step 3: Adding The Other Color

Picture of Adding The Other Color
Find the middle of your grey

Step 4: Add The Grey

Picture of Add The Grey

Step 5: Forming The Weave

Picture of Forming The Weave
Bring the right side across the top. Then bring the left side across that.

Step 6: Forming The Weave

Picture of Forming The Weave
Now run the left side under and through the hole. Keep the top color that you want in the middle on top of the other color.

Step 7: Tighten

Picture of Tighten
Now pull it tight and make sure to keep the cords on the side from overlapping.

Step 8: Repeat

Picture of Repeat
Repeat all the way to the bottom. Until you reach the end make sure to keep your cords straight.

Step 9: Making Your Way Down

Picture of Making Your Way Down

Step 10: You've Reached The End!!!

Picture of You've Reached The End!!!
Now that you've reached the end the next step is to cut and burn.

Step 11: Cut

Picture of Cut

Step 12: Burn

Picture of Burn

Step 13: Done!!!

Picture of Done!!!
You now have a finished monster cobra!!! That's packed full of cord for any survival situation!!!
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aesquivel2 months ago
how long must each cord be? its 13 feet in total?
creone made it!10 months ago

little mistake in feets but its done! Thanks!

K-DiDDY made it!10 months ago

Bad picture...but I made it!

Photo on 5-28-14 at 7.52 AM.jpg
14, 9:19 AM.jpg
jpurvis1 made it!1 year ago

the one in the middle i made for my dad i crossed the colors to make a green and black center section i wear the one on the left

Ravirar1 year ago
This is same as other paracord bracelets
When you come to the end how do you hook it to the opposite end of the buckle ?
poofrabbit1 year ago
Just wanted to say congratulations on being a finalists in the Great Outdoors Contest! Good luck!
theparacorders (author) 1 year ago
The first pic is FDE and black
is it like 2 grays and one dark blue ish?
what colored strings did you use for the bracelet in the FIRST pic you putted?
mitch17421 year ago
Very neat.
becca_13131 year ago
Mine isnt turning out good bit in doin it right
biggiggy1 year ago
For those of you needing to find a way to end the bracelet I have come up with a way that I think works well. Take the two remaining cords and form a loop. Pass the loop down through the buckle then proceed to run it back over the top into a farmer's knot. Pull tight, cut ends, then melt the ends together. It isn't what is used in the picture but its quite functional.
very neat bracelet. Would appreciate some detailed instructions on how you threaded the base (blue) cord using two 12-ft strands. I know this comment may frustrate you and I'm sorry for that but would appreciate the instructions none the less....

Wow so cool
bulldog501 year ago
good job I use a wood burning tool to finish off cord. I use the wedge shaped one pres on cord cut it then hold tip to cord it will give you a nice flat end that will not pull out
theparacorders (author) 1 year ago
albertocp1 year ago
so you need 36 feet?
albertocp1 year ago
so you need 36 feet?
theparacorders (author) 1 year ago
Every cord
albertocp1 year ago
Every cord is 12 feet or each cord is of 4 feet
pyrocop11 year ago
Looking at your design It appears there is a way to use one solid color looping back to the top for an even longer cord if needed. Instead of the two separate blue pieces for example. Looks good though
ArticAkita1 year ago
awesome! good job!
wdsims631 year ago
Again, you left out a step. How did you attach the cord to the end of the buckle? Also, why are you just using the 2 cords coming down and not the others that you are braiding?
Take a look at mine, it shows how
Oops nvm disregard this comment
ferjanyen1 year ago
why could not the grey cord be pass though the clip also(at the beguining)??
ferjanyen1 year ago
more info about the end attachment please!!!!
momstaxi041 year ago
They are neat and look fun to make...but what will it do for me in the way of surviving?
How do you use them I guess is what i am saying?
If you get stranded somewhere, you have 15-20 feet of strong cord that you could use for survival efforts. You destroy the "bracelet" functionality of it in the process, but at that point you care more about surviving than fashion. :)
Examples of use are: tying limbs or branches together for shelter/tools/cooking use. removing a core strand for obtaining food (either as a snare or a fishing line). Other rope uses... :)
It is worth noting that you need other things besides this to actually survive. A knife or blade perhaps. I guess you could chew the cord apart from the buckles, but a knife will work better. :)
wdsims631 year ago
Okay, I see that you have attached your blue cords, but you said the first step is to find the middle of the grey cord. I think you have cut out some steps here. Also, it would be nice if you discussed the jig you have to hold that buckle. I find that is the hardest part of braiding these.
wonderful.i realy like
.-. Lol we have similar names
scotth611 year ago
Very nice, but please gove a little more detail on attaching the cords to the ending buckle!
I second that. You kind of skipped that step. It looks like you wrapped it around the buckle then wove it back in to the main part of the bracelet?
I always put a couple of drops of super glue around the melted ends because I've had them pull out. I spray my bracelets with Pledge floor wax with Future shine or Aqua Net hair spray. It tightens the bracelets up and helps keep them clean.

Very nicely done and easy to follow. Thanks.
I always put a couple of drops of super glue around the melted ends because I've had them pull out. I spray my bracelets with Pledge floor wax with Future shine or Aqua Net hair spray. It tightens the bracelets up and helps keep them clean.
1inspirit1 year ago
mtnclimber1 year ago
How did you attach the cords to the other buckle end?
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