Introduction: Paracord Munter Hitch Belt

Picture of Paracord Munter Hitch Belt

While publishing my last Instructable, I thought of an alternative version. It uses less cord, and in some ways is easier to construct.

To start off with you need:
Paracord - I used 2 metres, but could easily be narrowed down to less.
Karabiner - Used as the 'buckle'
Pants to hold up.

Step 1: Make Loop for the Karabiner

Picture of Make Loop for the Karabiner

Make a loop in the end of your rope. It only has to be big enough to fit the karabiner through.

The easiest thing to do is fold the rope over and tie a overhand knot.
It should look like so:

Step 2: Tie the Munter Hitch

Picture of Tie the Munter Hitch

This is the 'brains' of the whole belt. This knot is usually used for belaying when only a karabiner is available.

Follow the three images. First a loop of rope is fed through the karabiner, then the free end of the loop goes back on itself.

Step 3: Tying It Off

Picture of Tying It Off

The problem with the Munter hitch is that it won't stay put. That's why you need to tie it off. Here's how:

Lie the 'tail' over the other end (picture 1) bring it under, and through the hole (picture 2) Pull it tight.

This should hold your trousers up. If it doesn't, undo the 'tying off knot' and tighten the Munter hitch, then tie it off again.

Step 4: Fin. Kaput.Finis. Finish.

Picture of Fin. Kaput.Finis. Finish.

Done. You are the proud new owner of a paracord belt. If you want another way of making it, go to: Paracord Prussik Belt

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Rambo556 (author)2013-03-04

Great 'ible! I would like to try to weave the 550 cord so it holds more and is wider. 5 stars!

noahw (author)2010-03-26

Any chance you'd be willing to re-do your two Instructables with actual paracord?  Until you do, I'm sorry to report that the powers that be cannot allow your entries into the contest.

JavaNut13 (author)noahw2010-03-26

I'll see if I can find some cord. both should be updated in the next few days.


JavaNut13 (author)JavaNut132010-09-13

Or not.

lemonie (author)2010-03-25

That's not paracord either. Do you know if they'll let these in the competition?


BorisSpencer (author)2010-03-25
Surely the carabiner in superfluous, you could tie the hitch through the loop.
JakeTobak (author)BorisSpencer2010-03-25

Do you want to undo a knot every time you take your belt off?

SicilianMafia (author)JakeTobak2010-03-25

You should flip the carabiner then so it is much easier to disconnect the carabiner from the loop, and just adjust the munter hitch to suit yourself only when needed.

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