Step 6:

At this point we'll make the suckers look more real. Starting with 1 tentacle at a time, trim all of the ends of the white
cords down to around 1/4” to 3/8”. You may want to only trim a few at a time, just to see what length looks the best to
you. Any longer and they don't look good. After you trim the ends down, insert a pen or pencil into the end of a white
piece and rotate the other end of the pen in a big circle to “bell” out or flange the end into a bell or sucker shape.

Do the same for all of the suckers.
Even if you discolor it a little with too much heat, it's okay. For this process I've used a lighter and it works, but I found that a
butane torch lighter with a fine point works best for me. I can make little circles around each one individually.
I want to make one but it looks a little bit hard with the pineapple knot because I have not learned that knot yet
<p>Naudie, it's VERY easy. Just print this picture the size of a cardboard toilet paper tube. You may have to adjust the size. But when wrapped around a toilet paper tube, the left &amp; right sides will join together seamlessly. You will see, they connect. Tape it together, stuff some newspaper or toilet paper in the tube for support. Get some push pins, pins or thumb tacks, and 2 pieces of para cord. Then start with the 1st cord &quot;the white cord&quot; at the #1 red dot marked in the bottom right of the picture. Pin it down to hold it in place, then move it diagonally up and to the left until you get to the # 5 dot up top. Pin it to hold it down, then continue down and to the left until you get to the #2 on the bottom (it wraps around the tube). Just continue up and down, over and under, until you get back to the #1 where you started. Then start with &quot;the blue&quot; cord, and follow it,along it's path, paying attention to the over &amp; unders and pinning it to hold it in place at every corner. Then that's it. Just follow the pattern thats all laid out for you. when its done, pull out the pins, slide the weave off the tube and carefully start to cinch up the slack to tighten it up. Here is a link to a different knot someone posted, but without the pattern. Just to give you a visual of the general process of tying it around a mandrel. Good luck.</p>
<p>I love the instructable and plan to make it, but the pineapple knot link isn't working for me, do you have any other places for me to go for a tutorial (or template) for the pineapple knot? </p>
Really cool idea! i'm making one right now!
that's cool. creative!
Thanks. Post a pic if you make one!
That looks awesome! Best use of paracord so far. :D
Thank you!

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