Step 6:

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At this point we'll make the suckers look more real. Starting with 1 tentacle at a time, trim all of the ends of the white
cords down to around 1/4” to 3/8”. You may want to only trim a few at a time, just to see what length looks the best to
you. Any longer and they don't look good. After you trim the ends down, insert a pen or pencil into the end of a white
piece and rotate the other end of the pen in a big circle to “bell” out or flange the end into a bell or sucker shape.

Do the same for all of the suckers.
Even if you discolor it a little with too much heat, it's okay. For this process I've used a lighter and it works, but I found that a
butane torch lighter with a fine point works best for me. I can make little circles around each one individually.