Picture of Paracord Pendant
This pendant is really fun and easy to make. The process is almost like weaving a small circle, but it looks far more complex than it actually is. The knot is known as a Turk's Head Mat, and it forms a five-pointed star in the middle with five loops going around the outside. I didn't invent the knot; I just thought it would make a really cool pendant. And it did!
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Step 1: Cut and glue the ends of the cord

Picture of Cut and glue the ends of the cord
Cut a piece of paracord that is about 50 inches (125 cm) long. 

Put a small amount of glue on your fingertips, and twirl the cut ends of the cord back and forth to cover the first inch or so with glue. Let the ends dry before proceeding.

Gluing the ends works better than melting in this case, because the glue makes a short section of the cord stiff, and that makes it easier to weave the end in and out as you create the knot.

Step 2: Make the first two main loops

Picture of Make the first two main loops
Make a loop close to one end of the cord, crossing the longer end over the shorter end like the picture shows. This loop will become one of the five main loops.

Now bring the long end over the loop you just made, forming a second loop (and a shape that looks kind of like a pretzel). The left loop of the pretzel will become the second main loop.

Step 3: Start weaving

Picture of Start weaving
Bring the long end of the cord around and weave it under the left side of the first loop you made.

Pull the cord almost all the way through, and stop when you still have a loop on the bottom. This loop becomes the third main loop.

Step 4: Make the fourth main loop

Picture of Make the fourth main loop
Bring the long end down through main loop number one, coming in from the underside of the loop like shown.

Pull the long end through until you have a loop left at the top. This becomes the fourth main loop.

Step 5: Weave a little more

Picture of Weave a little more
Weave the cord over one strand, and under the next, like shown. 

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