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If you have a pet that needs to go outside, there is a good chance that you own a collar and leash. Collars are great, but harnesses are more secure since they come around your pet in the front and the back. I wanted to make a harness for my own cats but I couldn't find any methods that I had any practice with. I knew how to do the cobra stitch (that's the one used to make paracord bracelets) and I had some left-over paracord so I figured out how to make a harness.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Picture of Gather Your Materials
For a paracord harness you will need...
(2) Plastic Buckles
(Several) Packages of Paracord
(1) Pair of Scissors
(1) Candle

NOTE: You don't need the wooden dowel I only used that to show simply how to use the cobra stitch.
I have 3 jack russell terriers and a lab that thinks she's one, too. Have one question...how do you attatch the ring or whatever that hooks onto the leash? (and I've also had cats that loved to go for walks. Didn't mind leashes at all, just kept them from forgetting they were actually walking their human and served as a reminder that if a big dog wandered past, they were always within jumping distance of their human's neck...straight up!).
mymyjames2000 (author)  sandystarr281 year ago

What I have done in the past is I have taken a small caribeaner clip and attached it onto the gap that natuarlly forms between the neck segment and the joining segment. If you look at the second and third pictures under the introduction, hopefully you will see what I am talking about. From there, you should be able to attach your leash onto the harness. If you are still having problems, please attach a picture and I will see if I can figure something out.

AlyssaB23 months ago
The seven times isn't working for me it is coming up short. My dimensions are 16' for belly 11' neck and 5 inch b/n.
Sevikins1 year ago
Nice tutorial and great for a weekend project. Mine came out a little longer but it still works. Thanks!
EVIL putting a leash on a cat

Not really. My oldest cat enjoyed being on a leash. Kept her from beating up the local cats and killing all the songbirds.

Cervantes2 years ago
I got a new puppy that needs to learn how to be on a leash..sadly the harness we got from the shelter is about 3 sizes too large..Gotta try this tonight.
Zanmcewen2 years ago
HollyMann2 years ago
I love it! Just what we needed...I have the para cord..I even have the buckles - maybe I can make this tonight....