Paracord Pouch For Mini Multi-Tools Leatherman PS4 or Gerber Dime

Picture of Paracord Pouch For Mini Multi-Tools Leatherman PS4 or Gerber Dime
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A man needs to protect his tool
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Step 1: Make a cobra weave bat

Picture of Make a cobra weave bat
The same way you make a paracord bracelet, you make a cobra weave bar.

Step 2:

Picture of
The cobra weave bar will be used as main structure for the pouch.

Step 3: Length

Picture of Length
Make sure the cobra weave bar is long enough to wrap it around the tool perimiter, minus one side to be left open as the pouch mouth.

Step 4: Side walls

Picture of Side walls
With a paracord lacing needle, weave to side of the pouch, in and out as shown om the picture.

Step 5: Side walls

Picture of Side walls
Keep weaving from the mouth of the pouch, to the bottom, then cross to the other side and proceede weaving from bottom to top.

Step 6: Adjusting

Picture of Adjusting
keep going...

Step 7: Fitting

Picture of Fitting
place the tool inside the pouch, adjust the side weaving by loosening or tightening as needed to assure a smooth fit.

Step 8: Finishing

Tie the ends of the side weaving, trim any excess and use a lighter to melt the ends.

Step 9: Et Voila!

Picture of Et Voila!
surprisingly, it also fits the Gerber Dime Multi tool
tanya.barron13 months ago

you can double the cobra weave and then it can fit and a larger knife. or even a zippo lighter

NomadHobbyist made it!6 months ago

I made one for my Swiss Army Tinker Knife and it fit perfectly.

I also added a little sheath on the side so I can carry it on my belt.

DaltonW8 months ago

Nice safety scissors too. lol

DaltonW8 months ago

I made a one for a full sized leatherman, I just double braided it like the King Cobra pattern.

I made one of these for my Swiss army knife - it works Well and it is secure. I Modified the closure slightly, as I ran out of cord :-). I will post pictures asap
jwilson1071 year ago
TY Megnine!

I've seen paracord PV (ecig) lanyards for sale but never a good enough pic for me to figure how it was done.

After reading your Instructable, I was able to make my own by slightly modifying your work.

I used Multiple Overhand Sliding/Scaffold Knots to start / finish the Cobra section and attach D-Rings so it can attach to my belt via carabiner or to a neck lanyard setup. I also dropped one side thread to allow for the PV's button.
14, 5:19 PM.jpg
irishsoniv made it!1 year ago

Just finished one for my Snap-on multitool that I received as a gift. Great way to carry it around seeing that it doesn't come with a spot for a keychain. Thanks for posting!

Photo on 2014-02-09 at 20.29.jpg

Could this be modified to fit a Leatherman Freestyle or a larger Gerber?

meqnine (author) 1 year ago
Thx GreatSage. I'm glad you like it. Like you said, it fits Gerber Dime perfectly.
GreatSage1 year ago

Made one of these today and it fits my Gerber Dime perfectly! It's really nice to be able to carry it around in my pocket now without the paint job getting scuffed up. Oh and you can also use something like hemostats to pry the sides of the cobra weave open for the sides of the pouch. But good idea. :)

I own a leatherman squirt myself, and I've really put it to the test through making my instructables. This could really protect its paint finish! Neat idea!