Paracord is lightweight nylon kernmantle (string woven around a string core) cord originally used as parachute cord. Sturdy and light cordage that does not rot when exposed to moisture is phenomenally useful, and this collection contains some of the clever applications for paracord created by Instructables authors. For those of you who don't care about the technical/history stuff, paracord is the best of string and rope combined in one colorful package.
2 meters of paracord and basic knot-tying abilities (and a small bottle, of course) are all you'll need to complete this simple paracord wrapping project.
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Start here if you are just beginning to work with paracord.
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10 feet of paracord, a side release buckle, and a watch are the only special ingredients you'll need to make this.
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Cross knots and snake knots make this paracord lanyard a bit less labor-intensive than denser weaves. Stormdrane made this one with about 10 feet of paracord.
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1 foot of cord = 1 inch of knotted length. 8 inches should cover your wrist, but you can scale this up to make pet collars and the like by simply using more cord.
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Use 4.5 feet of paracord and the snake knot to make a wrist lanyard that will help you keep your keys, knives, flashlights, and cameras securely connected to your person.
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You'll need four strands of about 3 meters each to make this woven bottle wrap. Less if you elect not to build in a handle. The pictures are very easy to follow, and there are several examples of successful reproductions in the comments.
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For a wider paracord strap, these instructions come with easy-to-read numbered strand diagrams. Falcon_WOG did a great job of making this project reproducible.
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Don't have any paracord? Not to worry, you can make your own kernmantle cord with this DIY paracord project. It may not hold 550lbs, but it's certainly better than mere string.
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If you're an intermediate or expert when it comes to paracord, give this bullwhip project a try. Check out the video for a whip-crackin' good time.
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Learn to wrap tool handles from Harlan Whitman's beautifully photographed project. He's a little loosey-goosey when it comes to exact measurements, but "use more than you think you'll need" is pretty good advice when it comes to cordage.
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10m of cord. A couple of rods. Murak shows you how to wrap and attach the rods to create DIY practice nunchaku. Be careful not to whack yourself in the face once you've completed them.
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If you've got 100' of spare paracord, this belt project might be for you. This project is presented as a photo slideshow and may require some back and forth between pics and the text, but the photos are very clear.
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Tired of getting your paracord bracelet sizes wrong? Try this cheap and easy paracord jig. You'll need a yardstick and a saw. If you figure out an alternative to the miter saw that the author used, sound off in the comments.
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Cover your headphone cable with paracord for that premium cloth cord look and feel. You'll need to be comfortable cutting and reattaching the headphone wiring, so be prepared to do some light electronics, too.
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Awesome project idea, but take the time to really dial in your measurements before you get started. Remember: a hammock is essentially a comfortable net, and nets have myriad uses.
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"I was able to make this paracord fid in about 15 minutes with little effort and for under 80 cents. In addition, these fids do not require you to cut the end of the paracord at a 45 degree angle before inserting the paracord - just lightly singe the end first."
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Keep your cord tangle-free with this wrap technique. Just pull and go.
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10 feet of paracord, craft foam, sticky tape, hot glue. You never know when you're going to need some extra light cordage... even in the bedroom.