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Introduction: Paracord Rifle Sling

Back during your  Paracord Contest, I made myself a Paracord watch band from one of the Instructables using the weaving method. That got me to thinking. I needed a new sling for one of my deer rifles. Looking on the Internet there are some people out there making them, but the price is way out of my reach for something that I could make myself. Looking over all the Instructables that involve, watch bands and belts I had a pretty good Idea of what I wanted. I have made two of them so far…one in Desert Sand and the other Multi Camo Paracord. In this instructable I will use pictures taken form each of the builds.

Step 1:

Equipment Needed:

100’ of Para cord (I used about 80’)

Needle nose pliers, or forceps, pic

Wood board, flat washers and some screws

Stiff wire


Swivels off your gun

Step 2: Para Wrap

First off you need to wrap the cord so it will pass under and over… in the weaving process. Follow this link for the best way that I found to do this

I didn’t wrap mine as tight as this guy, I just needed a small bundle to work with.

Step 3:

To start you will need to find out how long of sling you will need for your gun. The strap will not be adjustable when you are done. I used a sling off another gun to find my length, or you can just use a piece of paracord and some trial and error.


Once you found the size that fits you best, mount your swivels on the board using the screws and washers. Keeping that distance between them.

Step 4:

Now the hard part, take some Paracord and wrap the swivels making 4 parallel runners, all from one peace. (I used black) just the ends will show when the sling is done and I think the black blends in pretty well. It took 15 foot of cord to do this, but leave yourself some extra to work with…. This will be tied off at the end, for now just wrap them to the back side of the board and tie them off. This will keep them from getting in the way.

Step 5:

Take your spool of cord and pull some off, tie this to one of the screws leaving yourself some extra to work with at the end of the weaving process. Start weaving under and over the runners feeding it in and out, I found that it was easier to loosely run about 10 weaves then go back with a pen/pic and tighten them back up one at a time. As you weave along keep everything as tight and work out any twists as you go along. It helps to push the weaves up tight so none of the runners show.

When you get near the end of the strap you will have to cut your feeder spool off, when I did this I pulled off way more then what I would need for the strap. It’s a pain keeping it from getting tangled but you want to make sure that you don’t run out. Take some stiff wire and use it as a needle to help on the last few weaves.

Step 6:

At this point you can take the screws out of the board and untie all the tag ends. Take the wire bent in half and fish it under a weave (3 or 4 if you can) on the inside of the strap leaving a loop to pull the cord tag ends through. Trim off and melt the ends.  Do this for each one, fitting them in were you can.


Remount the swivels on your gun

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Questions & Answers


Loved this project. Used almost 97 ft of Paracord for the weave and probably about 16 ft for the core. The total length is 51 inches and the Paracord strap portion is roughly 47 inches. I may or may not find a way to assist is length with a slim carabiner.

Instructions were very easy to follow

Wow. Good on ya for making this project easy to follow. I have a very heavy big bore rifle with a bull barrel. In your opinion, can this sling be made with 6 runners instead of 4? My swivels are standard size. I realize that it would take more legnth of paracord. Thank you again for making a record of your project for others to use.

It should, just going to be wider at the mounts. Each line on the paracord is good for 550 pounds so with 4 lines x 550 = 2,200 lbs.

Wow, $64 labor seems kind of high for a copy of a free instructable.

Hi biker_trash_1340, You know what is really strange (but true,) by the time we pay the gals to make them, pay for the materials, pay for shipping, pay to advertise that they exist, and pay the fees to sell them online, we wind-up with a not for profit product. That's why so many companies have things like this made in China. We mostly sell them to provide a few great ladies with "making ends-meet income" and to show another great product that can be made with our top-of-the-line paracord. Personally, I don't have the patience or any desire to make one of these slings ;-) Just not the kind of work/craft I enjoy. Take Good Care, Bill... TOUGH-GRID

BackBone(TM) Paracord Rifle Sling - Gun Sling / Rifle Sling - Handmade in the USA With Authentic TOUGH-GRID Mil-Spec 750lb Type IV Paracord and Mil-Spec Swivels - Premium Light-Weight and Wide Paracord Slings

I made one with the same basic idea but I used a cobra stitch /Solomon bar

I wont to make a 35 inch strap using this but how much para cord will I need? I wont to use two colours

Always start with 100' just so you don't run out. It sells in 50' and 100' etc. 50' may be to short