Step 1: Supplies


Lighter[best] or Match
Tape Measurer

Step 2:

Cut a 5 inch peice of paracord.

Step 3:

Take the middle part out.

Cut off any end that has been melted or taped.

Step 4:

To measure your finger do this and cut it off.

Then melt the end you just cut.

Step 5: Last Step

     Melt ends until they start to catch on fire then get rid of the lighter and blow out the burning ends.
     Really quickly stick the two melting ends together. Make sure you don't push then to hardor it could be to small.

                                            Caution: You could get burned in this step. Handle melting ends and lighter carefully

Step 6: Your Done!

Now just put it on your finger.

<p>Perfect 1,2,3 ring ;)</p>
I make these for my sisters. Thanks for the instructable!
Lol pretty hard core
you could do this with the core, it would be stronger.

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