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Tiny room with too many books, comics, cameras and other assorted miscellany. I like the idea of building my own furniture but as a Systems Engineer by trade I am far more at home with Matlab than a tenon saw (what is a tenon saw). I also have no technical knowledge of wood and related paraphernalia required to turn it into stuff.

To build easy a set of simple to construct low cost collapsible shelves to keep my stuff off the floor.

This design doesn't use nails or screws and doesn't require any sawing.
Instead the design uses 22 holes threaded with paracord inorder to suspend the shelves.

Note: As I've mention I have no technical knowledge of carpentry, and a hazy recollection of 3rd Year Structural Mechanics so any corrections or tips no matter how trivial would be greatly appreciated.


Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Power drill with 5mm bit 
30cm Ruler

4 x Hardwood dowls (2.5 cm dia x 100 cm)
3 x Hardwood Wood Planks (100cm x 22cm x 2cm)
Sticky Tape
Paracord or similar 

Note: My material choice was probably a bit conservative lighter thinner planks could probably be used just as effectively. 
Bill WW2 years ago
Very nice, dandroid. Great that you use cord fr suspesion, cross bracing, etc rather than the ordinary screws.
What is a tenon saw? No, the question is: What is matlab? If I did this right, you will see I tenon saw. I will now look up Matlab.
tenon saw.jpg
cart5622 years ago
So what is that drill if you don't have any woodworking tools? ;D I didn't understand it at first but I looked through it and that's a pretty interesting design you got there with a nice result, although I'd sooner use screws and a few more boards for more stability. It looks like it's leaning against the wall though, can it stand up by itself?
dandroid20xx (author)  cart5622 years ago
A drill is a pretty standard power tool, before this I only used my electric drill to drill into walls.
Where would you use the boards and screws?
It stands up by itself but you have to be precised with the cord to get it to stand up completely straight.