This is a custom, fixed length, Clemson themed, paracord gun sling that I made for a Benelli shotgun. . This sling is a double cobra weave and is quite comfortable. It took about 90 feet of paracord in total to make the sling. Sorry I didn't take more pictures, but I was in a hurry.
<p>Nice sling - I'm going to be making a couple myself. Course, the Clemson theme is perfect :) I'm going to be making mine in the Marine Corps colors and the Chicago Bears (I know, I know :)</p><p>It's a double cobra knot - this is a video link on how to do one though it's a bracelet the knot is still the same - attaching to the sling rings will be the same and ending will be the same - it's slightly different than this core but if you don't like this one check out a couple more of his double cobra videos - they may be done in different ways - I don't know because I just used this one for the paracord belt I just made. </p><p>I would suggest, however, if you do make one that you figure out a setup similar to this one - I used an old clipboard with some small rubber tipped spring clamps - rather difficult to work with 42&quot; (in my case) of paracord if you don't have it clamped or attached to something to hold it tight. Also, wind up the majority of your paracord as it will make it a lot easier on your arms than trying to pull 45' of cord through a knot!! :) Good luck!!</p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/nL8EI84Lrvo" width="500"></iframe></p>
Really looks nice but some details on the weave would be much appreciated
<p>It is a quite complex weave. I tried to post a video but it wouldnt let me. I learned how to do it from Rock Paracord on youtube. Sorry I couldnt help you more. </p>