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You have a hammock, a couple of shady trees, cold glass of lemonade, what else.   Oh yeah something to hang your hammock with.   That's where awesome paracord comes in.   These paracord slapstraps are very practical, lightweight, small, and less expensive than the Eno Slapstraps. Ok lets get started.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
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1. Two lengths of Paracord (I’d suggest anything in between 18’ – 22’ )
2. Scissors
3. Lighter
4. Measuring tape
5. Hammock ( kinda needed)
rroberts41 year ago

Ive done this as an emergency repair at camp. If you shrink your paracord first, it doesnt stretch as much. Is good tip. :)

dchall81 year ago
Paracord has the inherent issue in that it is made of stretchy nylon. I made the mistake of using nylon on my sailboat one season. I started out with 50 feet being the exact amount I needed for a tight trampoline. When I did the first installation, I had 25 feet left over. The tramp loosened every weekend and I re tightened it. By the end of the season I had pulled a full 100 feet out of the original 50 foot piece. From then on I used Dacron or polyester (not polypropylene) and never had that stretch.
Pizzaman01 (author)  dchall81 year ago
Ya it will stretch but I'll just replace it if it gets to bad.
Nicely Done!