Introduction: Paracord Snake Stitch

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The Snake Stitch is a para cord project that takes about fifteen minutes.

Step 1: Materials

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You will need half an arms length to about a full arms length.

You will also need a key ring

Step 2: Fuse

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Fuse the ends of each rope

Step 3: Adding Rope

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Make sure when you put the rope on that it is even length.

To make the knot to secure the rope put the two ends through the key chain and pull like in the picture.

Repeat for the other color

Step 4: Flip

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Flip over the cord to where the nubs are make sure they are very tight

Step 5: Starting Loop 1

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Start on the right side take the farthest rope and loop it behind all of the other ones then loop it over all of them and then back under the one on the farthest right.

Pull it to tighten the loop don't tighten it as hard as you can leave a little space.

Step 6: Starting Loop 2

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Take the rope farthest left and put over all of the other ones except the one going through the other loop then go under all of the other rope and stick it through the rope curving over the one farthest left and then pull both the left and right ropes excluding the middle two.

Don't pull it too tight it will mess it up and makes it harder later on.

Step 7: Middle Part 1

Picture of Middle Part 1

Flip it over

Loop the farthest right rope behind all of the other ones and then stick it through the opposite color loop

Step 8: Middle Part 2

Picture of Middle Part 2

Flip over

Loop the farthest right rope behind all of the other ones and then stick it through the opposite color loop

Repeat the middle parts until you get a desired length just keep looping the farthest right one (depending on the side) into the lowest opposite color loop.

Step 9: Finishing It Off

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The easiest way to end it is to make a loop with the rope with a little space at the end.

Fuse the ends of the ropes.

There are many ways to end it however you like you can end it.


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-12-21

Wow what a pretty stitch, I've never seen it before. I love how detailed each photo was, very easy to understand!

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