Picture of Paracord Snow Shoes
This is a traditional style snow shoe with paracord for the webbing. My intention was to give a modern twist to classic style that almost everyone is familiar with. This instructible will be split into two groups, the first being a step by step for the frame and the second showing the basic weaving for the net.
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Step 1: Step 1

Picture of step 1
First gather the following items: knife or cutting tool, hacksaw, philips screwdriver, drill with drillbit, 4 screws, 4 1in by 1in by the length from the ground to the top of your shoulder planks of oak wood, and finally 4 1in by 1in by the width of your foot plus 3in.

Step 2: Step 2

Picture of step 2
Take your cross bars (the short wood planks) and measure 1 in then Mark a line with a sharpie, or a pencil. I used a sharpie because you can see it better than a pencil.

Step 3: Step 3

Picture of step 3
Use the hacksaw and the knife/cutting tool to carve a dowl shape. You don't have to be perfect, just the closer you are to the center the better, any mistake can be corrected when you drill the hole later.

Step 4: Step 4

Picture of step 4
Take your sharpie and Mark the letters A B C D in the spots where you want your cross beams to go. Then do the same to the corresponding ends of your cross beams. Next you trace the dowel of your cross beams on the side of the longer board. Using a drill bit the same diameter as the circle you just traced drill a hole in the side of the long board. If the cross beams don't fit file down the edges of the hole until it does fit

Step 5: Step 5

Picture of step 5
Once the boards are put together, fill up your bath tub with very hot water and place your snow shoe inside the tub to soak for a couple of hours. To keep it from floating put some rocks on it to weigh it down.

Step 6: Step 6

Picture of step 6
Take some spare paracord and slowly start bending the ends. Every 10 minutes tighten the rope slowly.
csauskojus13 days ago
Did you ever find out what the day knot was actually called? Having a little trouble...
mark dc15 days ago
I've heard that the paracord can stretch a little after your done and use the shoes, I like the fact it's way more durable than rawhide .have you had to retie them or had any issues?
Pure Carbon (author)  mark dc14 days ago
No issues yet, but I don't doubt that over Tim the paracord will stretch.
Gregbot26 days ago


gduke28 days ago

Quick question, unless I missed it in the article, at what points to you place the short cross bars? Is there a percentage for placement or a measurement you used?

mobiansstech7 months ago

What A great Idea... m gonna start sharping those sticks right now... Todays task ;)

Pure Carbon (author)  mobiansstech7 months ago

cool when your done I want to see them.

jonny37988 months ago
This channels having a knife giveaway if it can reach 1000 subscribers. Can you give a shout out to SurvivalGearReview on youtube Giveaway is free to enter just subscribe
Pure Carbon (author)  jonny37988 months ago

Awesome, Will do, what kind of knife?

Pure Carbon (author)  Pure Carbon8 months ago

never mind, I just answers my own question. I'm subscription number 3.

jamob9 months ago
Wow this is a great idea, I'll have to make some for next winter! You try em out?
Pure Carbon (author)  jamob9 months ago

yes, I tried them out and they work great.

NanoRobotGeek9 months ago

Wow, I didnt even see these. Too bad there is no snow in AUS =P

Pure Carbon (author)  NanoRobotGeek9 months ago

there's almost 4 feet here

thrifttales9 months ago


Pure Carbon (author)  thrifttales9 months ago

thank you very much

Awesome i finally can make a pair of wood ones thanks to you!
Pure Carbon (author)  the outdoorskid 10 months ago

in the future I was planning on making a different style, where the tip is rounded and the mesh is made of raw hide.

Lectric Wizard10 months ago

Great idea & excellent Instructable !! CHEERS!!

Pure Carbon (author)  Lectric Wizard10 months ago

thank you