I wanted to try this project after seeing the one here http://m.instructables.com/member/Stormdrane So I popped a piece of PVC on a carabiner and started to wrap it like Stomdrane did on the link above. I apparently do not have the patience for that so I decided to start over and make sides on my spool to keep the paracord on instead of the the cross pattern. So I gathered my parts, I made 2 but for one you need a carabiner 2) 1/2x2 sch40 slip reducer bushings (the 2" side may need to be smaller depending on your carabiner, I used a large cheap one from Harbor Freight) 4" of 1/2" sch40 PVC pipe (again depends on carabiner) elec tape & PVC glue.

Step 1: Cut bushings

The first thing you need to do is cut the bushing with a cut off wheel on a grinder (hold the bushing in a vice so you don't cut off a finger or two!!!! There are many different brands of PVC fittings I used Spears because that's the brand we sell where I work. So on one like I used you cut the hex shaped top off the round part we are going to use the hex so clean it up a bit to get all the burrs off.
I used a smaller carabiner, but still got 50 feet on mine.
@The_Doer_Of_Things ???
<p>got anything bigger?<br><br></p>
Thank you!!

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