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Introduction: Paracord Stylus for Ripcord Bracelets

About: Awesome Gear I've designed myself.

I made this paracord stylus as a tool for making a quick deploy bracelet. It's made from 1/4" aluminum bar stalk, aluminum sheeting, and an aluminum knurled screw.

It's part of my Kickstarter project. You can check it out here:

Thanks! - Brent

Step 1: Cut and Drill

I measured out about 4" and used a pipe cutter to cut the bar stock. Next I used a number 29 drill bit to drill a hole in the end about 1" deep. I used a file to remove any burs.

Step 2: Shape the Point

I adjusted the angle of my mini-lathe to 10 degrees and brought the end to a point. After that I used a file to blunt the tip and 800 grit sand paper to remove any machine marks.

Step 3: Tapping Aluminum Threads

I clamped the stylus into a vice but I made sure to protect it with a piece of leather. I then used an 8-32NC tap to cut the threads. Make sure to use a little oil to make the cutting easy.

Step 4: Cut the Clip

I used a mini-mill to cut a strip off of a plate of 14 gauge aluminum. To square the plate to the bed I used a "V" block. After I took these pictures I realized I should have put the plate in short ways since my bed only has so much travel. Another one for experience. To make up for it I just cut the last bit with some diagonal cutting pliers.

Step 5: Form the Clip

I used a file to clean up the edge. Then I used a center punch to mark the location of the hole. After drilling, I cleaned the hole with a deburring tool. Finally I formed the 90 degree bend in the vice.

Step 6: Grind and Polish

I rounded off both ends of the clip with a diamond wheel. To finish it off I sanded both pieces with 800 grit sand paper and a buffing wheel.

I got the knuled screw from ACE hardware. Item # 1501-K, 6-32 x 9/16" in. - Knurled Thumb Screw

Step 7: Make Your Bracelet

The bracelet is made by placing the paracord into the stylus into the shape of a big letter "W". Then you weave the paracord in and out like a figure 8. Check out the video for a better look.

Thanks for reading. Brent



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    I came up with my own ripcord style paracord accoutrement a while back and intended to make an instructable out of it. It just doesn't make sense to have something paracord (as a supply for emergency needs) if it isn't ripcord style.

    I just wanted to hop on here and say that I think this looks great. I like it. Good work!


    I really like the idea of the clip addition to a paracord needle.

    I'll add one to mine ASAP.

    Thanks for the idea :)

    If you start with an aluminum knitting needle then the whole tip shaping step can be avoided.

    I like your idea, but why do you tap the hole in your stylus with an 8-32 tap then buy a 6-32 knurled screw (or is this a typo)? Your "stylus" is what rope and knot enthusiasts call a fid. I made some for different sized cordage out of the tips of different sized knitting needles - which are pretty cheap at Walmart. You either have to get the right size for paracord (I think it's a #6) or buy an assortment.

    Bent, great job. I like the quick deploy. Gonna try it. To be sure, for quick deploy do you undo the looped ends first and should your figure eights be loose?

    Very nice. Simple and easy to make. I still pledged on KS though. Best of luck. Looks like you're going to be busy. :)