Step 3: Measure Length of Paracord

You now need a long piece of paracord to estimate the length it's about 1 foot of paracord per 1 inch of wrist and you can add another foot for mistakes. For example my wrist is 7 inches so I used 8 foot of paracord and the length was perfect.
Great instructable, you have gotten me into making things out of paracorde! :-)
Great and thanks for feedback!
<p>i'm gonna make this right now. i love it :D </p>
<p>Great, have fun!</p>
What do you use to connect the ends together so it stays on your wrist? Did i Miss that part?
<p>You use the knot on 1 end of the bracelet and put it through the loop at the over end :)</p>
<p>Thanks for this Instructable! I now have my own paracord bracelet business!</p><p>Thanks alot!</p>
<p>Ur very welcome! Glad I could help u out!</p>
Nice!! I was making one of these and saw a different instructable, but it only showed how to make the first knot, this shows how to make them all! Thanks.
how do you connect the ends?? you did not explain. <br>
Which step is it please?

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