Step 3: Tying the Lanyard knot

Next, we will tie a lanyard knot directly under the hemostats or thread. Start by putting the hemostats or thread behind your index finger and make the ends go around your finger. We will call the cord under your index finger cord A and the other end cord B. Next, make a loop with cord A and twist it counterclockwise. Put the loop over cord B so cord B is under the middle of the loop. Pull cord B behind cord A and over the loop. Weave it under the vertical cord in the middle of the loop in an over- under- over fashion. There should be a diamond in the middle. Pull cord A under the loops and through the diamond. Do the same for cored B, which should be on top. Tighten the knot while it is still on your finger until it begins to take shape. Take it off your finger and continue to take out the slack until it is up against the hemostats or thread. Tighten it as best as you can. Congratulations, you just finished the lanyard knot.