Step 5: Tying the King Cobra Stitch

A king cobra stitch is a cobra stitch tied over another cobra stitch. Tie another cobra stich around the cobra stitch, but try to make the coeds that run behind the stitch line up between the bumps of the cobra stitch below it. I know this sounds complicated, but just follow the pictures. Tie until you have no more bumps to tie between, then turn around and tie another one over it. This allows you to hold a large amount of cord in a small(ish) space.
<p>Excellent! Thank you.</p>
Excellent note about the optional safety feature. I've made some paracord items myself and never considered that - thanks!
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what about useing one of the snap-on multi tools? i have one and there pretty light, only drawback is that the knifes in them are flimsy and small
hahaha so u did a 3 layer king cobra weave ehh?? hahahw what should we even call this? double king cobra???
I've seen it called 'Super Cobra'.
How about a king king cobra?
how about a USB drive with a waterproof &quot;armor&quot;, they are kinda expensive but are nice to have personal info on if you are found dead/passed out
You can easily waterproof any flash drive by painting epoxy over the flash drive itself. You have to take off the case, but you might be able to slip a split ring over a hole in the usb connector. <br><br>Instructable (Not mine):<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Water-proof-a-flash-drive/
Spyderco has a line of knives called the Byrd series.&nbsp; They have a knife called the Finch that is the same size as the Ladybug.&nbsp; You can get a Finch on eBay with the fiberglass reinforced nylon handle material for about $14 including shipping.&nbsp; I&nbsp;own one with a G10 handle.&nbsp; It is my favorite knife.&nbsp; I&nbsp;highly recommend them.&nbsp; Affordable, quality knives.&nbsp; For your application, I&nbsp;would recommend a Leatherman&nbsp;Squirt E4 or S4.&nbsp; Small, and has a lot of useful tools.<br /> <br /> goinggear.com has some great survival tools at affordable prices.
<p>Thanks for the tip, I completely forgot about the squirt line from leatherman when I made this. I have never owned one, how heavy are they? I think they might be too heavy for a necklace.</p>
They're super light... 1.9 oz&nbsp;or 54 g - 2.25&quot; long closed.&nbsp; My E4 is more for electronic work, with a wire stripper, needle nose pliers, small file, screw drivers, tweezers, and a small file.&nbsp; Very handy to carry around.&nbsp; I also have a Leatherman Juice S2.&nbsp; But it is larger.&nbsp; All of their Juice and Squirt line tools can be seen on their website.&nbsp;
I love countrycomm.com
I know, right?
Excellent instructable, used it as a fishing lanyard with a hook remover in the center and some other small tools attached to the split ring by way of a few swivels. I was very happy with the outcome, thanks!
<p>Glad to see i can help.</p>
<p>Usually the split rings you find in the craft section are not stout enough for survival needs.&nbsp; You want something that's going to take a beating in the wilderness.&nbsp; I usually go to a fishing tackle supply store, like Gander Mountain or Cabela's.&nbsp; They're a little more at the tackle shop, but they're stainless steel.</p>
You can also get the small split rings in the beading sections of walmart or a craft store.&nbsp; I bought a package assortment of 240 small and large last night for $3.00 at walmart.&nbsp; You can also get the larger split rings at walmart or craft store.&nbsp; Look on the aisle where they have the lanyard/frienship bracelet supplies.&nbsp; I have also used eBay to buy paracord in the past.&nbsp; They are very competitive on pricing because there are so many vendors to choose from.
Satisfy my curiosity: how is a plectrum a survival essential? You could have pictured something else - why that?<br /> <br /> L<br />
<p>This is actually the one i carry around on an every day basis. When I go outdoors I swap it out.</p>
I just wondered why you chose that use for the survival I'ble. Thanks for the reply.<br /> <br /> L<br />
It's ok, this instructable is still a work in progress
you never know when a musical emergency may arise.<br /> or if it was steel you could use it as an arrowhead.<br />
Ah, now that is a good idea, thanks.<br /> <br /> L<br />
band camp? if it was a metal one you could use it to trike the flint, someone should make one<br />
smart idea putting the flint inside of it, nice idea for keychains.<br />

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