Wow, the Monkey Fist Headhunter Bracelet went over so well, I thought I'd give this another go.
This is more a 'liesure / time well wasted' project.

I tied the TallyMan about 3 months ago, after first viewing 'Instructables' ; then, being properly inspired, and having reviewed all my dormant mountain operations knot tying skills,
I browsed 'Instructables' and saw the 'Monkeys Fist Knot and the Monkey', and thought 'TallyMan needs to deploy!'

I've always thought that the Monkeys fist knot looks similar to a turban-wrapped head of a Berber nomad. I use my Tallyman as a USB Flashdrive minder, as I find I leave the darn flashdrive hanging out of the computer altogether too often. I guess the amount of paracord used is altogether 7 or 8 feet (?). I used intact Paracord for the monkeyfist head and ladder weave half hitches for the body, and gutted paracord for the legs, in a square weave pattern.

Step 1: Ingredients

-Approximately 7 to 8 feet of intact paracord; more depending on how big TallyMan is to be. I measured the ratio of cord to weave once, and promptly forgot it.Also 4 feet of gutted paracord for the legs.
-A pair of scissors or sharp Swiss Army knife.
-A lighter to melt fraying ends.
-A marlin spike or similar pokey object, used when dressing the monkey fist knot; it should be as tight as possible.
-Time: 2 hours for first attempt
Needs a picture of the end product in the Introduction.<br />
pretty awesome
i love my 1000ft spool too :)
This is actually a really really cool Instructable. Looks pretty difficult for me, I would have a lot of problems, but AWESOME job.

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