So this is sort of an ad-hoc 'ible, because I wasn't planning on it from the start, just kinda started documenting halfway through! I had been planning for about a week to make something to aid in my paracord management, and do double duty as a tool.

     My main goal was to have a place to hang my 1000' spools, and that was wonderfully fulfilled by my end product. Secondarily I wanted something that could help me coil paracord/rope, then hold it while I secured it, whether by a daisy chain 'easy-off' knot, or another way.

     Let me again stress that there was little pre-planning that went into the development, just some abstract ideas. It was really cool to make something as it came to me, and turned out really well too.

     Lastly, this 'ible requires the use of super dangerous tools like saws, be careful with them and you should be able to keep your fingers.

Step 1: Ingredients (Supplies and Relative Cost)

     In terms of time, this took me all of about 2 hours, with a hand saw and a power drill, not including the time it took to gather supplies at my local hardware store.

     In terms of supplies, what I used are listed below:
$3 * 1 - 2"x4"x93" A regular stud would work just as well (2"x4"x96")
$5 * 1 - Package of screws, mine were nice deck screws, #8 x 2.5" (total count in project is 10 screws)
$3 * 1 - 3/4"x48" Wooden Dowel
Total - $11

     In terms of tools, I suggest using:
- Handheld drill (for holes and screws)
- 3/4" Spade bit - sized for your dowel
- Bit for your screws (Mine required a square bit...)
- Pencil for marking things
- Handheld Saw - a miter saw would have been perfect here, but I don't have one :(
- Measuring Tape - for measuring twice
and of course, a nice, open, ventilated workspace...or the floor of your apartment (be careful with the tools not to mess/tear anything, including yourself, up)

How is it that you are so attractive and so good with your hands?! You are like the perfect man!

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