In this instructable, I will be teaching you how to make a paracord snake whip. Snake whips are easy to make and even more fun to play with. Whips have many purposes like self defense, hunting, and most of all recreation. PLEASE NOTE: WHIPS AREN'T TOYS AND SHOULD BE USED WITH CAUTION. EYE PROTECTION RECOMENDED. Enjoy!

Step 1: Supplies....

For this instructable you will need..
>parcord, one 5 foot section, one 15 foot section and two sectios of pararcord, 6 foot of cord for every foot of the whip. I am making a special 9 foot whip but about 5 foot is average.
>measuring tape or any other way to measure paracord by the foot
>electrical tape, at least 1 roll
>lighter or small torch
>rope that has a core, thicker than paracord, but not too thick
>metal BB's

My son used it on his baby brother<br>
Like father like son l'll guess ?
<p>Too bad the Mule Skinners hauling ore and freight didn't have paracord.</p>
<p>one question. Does it hurt when you whip somebody. I'm thinking of using this for self defense. I don't think you need a license or a specific age to carry around a paracord whip in your backpack. Do you?</p>
it is like getting hit by a wire but 10x as worst
hurts like hell
<p>Hmmmmm..... Good Point ...... not a bead idea...... i think thats a good Idea!</p><p>;)</p>
<p>yeah, it's not a bead idea. You also said new instead of bad.</p>
<p>bead not new</p>
How long was the rope that is shot loaded?
half of it is filled with bbs
it is 5 ft
does it Crack or no
How long dose the Thick rope have to be
<p>thanks for this! I need to make one.</p>
<p>Hey, how much Paracord do you need to make a 11 foot whip? Just wondering you would be the one to know.</p>
Im confused on when to use which rope and where. You listed specific lengths in the begining but not later on during the actual instructions. Please explain waht lengths of paracord are being used dduring each step.<br><br><br>
instructions could use clarification about the shot and weave and handle but all and all worked great only took me a few hours to make
<p>what is a paracord and bbs</p>
I want to try this soon you did a good job
<p>WHY THE BB'S ? [ VLAD ]</p>
it gives momentum
<p>Well done! At last I also know how to it. My Grandpa used to make his own whips - one I distinctly remember was about 24 feet long. He used to cut his own leather strips for them and, if I remember correctly, they stated of with 8 strands, tapering down to 3 or four. A skill that's quickly dying out here in South Africa... Sad...<br><br>Well done and thanks! </p>
<p>AWESOME! I love to see someone in south Africa is reading this. awesome. hope you liked it. </p>
glad you enjoyed it!
Which side is the bbs on
<p>It's int the handle and closest half to you if you are holding it. </p>
<p>can you add an instructable about the braid?</p>
I put up the braid step!! Hope you will change your mind and vote!
yeah, so far I'm up to the tape. I can't find the weave on google or anything. I'd vote both of the 'ibles up if you posted one on how to weave it.
I put up the braid step!! Hope you will change your mind and vote!
I see that you mention in your comments, you plan to do an instructable on the braid. No offense, but without the key technique for the whip, this is an incomplete instructable. I know you changed your mind, probably due to comments, but you should update the instructable to reflect that. Could be a good instructable, but at the moment, it incomplete.
I put up the braid step!! Hope you will change your mind and vote!
<p>I have to agree with the majority of people who have commented thus far. If you aren't going to share you 'secret weaving technique' I can't say this is complete. You have half the work demonstrated and explained, which is appreciated and awesome, but to be frank, the purpose of this website is to show people how to make things, not 'I'll show you most of it, but the rest of it you're on your own'. Especially when there are other instructables posted that show how to do what you're saying needs to be done. I'm sorry my friend, but this is just incomplete if you're not going to show everything, that's just how it is.</p>
I put up the braid step!! Hope you will change your mind and vote!
<p>Yeah I have to say this is just not a good tutorial. As someone learning to make whips I can tell you that you leave out so many steps and little points that are important in the process.</p><p>I get that people are supposed to be supportive and constructive on here but what exactly is &quot;the game&quot;? You use a simple herringbone round braid, thats it. And its available in like every leather/rope braiding book or video out there. Why wouldn't you explain the details of it? I get the impression that you just wanted to throw up a tutorial for the recognition. You're promoting your instagram to someone who isn't satisfied and then you tell them to bug off. Its very unprofessional and I have to agree with bgipson1's suspicion that you may not actually know what you're talking about.</p>
I put up the braid step!! Hope you will change your mind and vote!
<p>You're &quot;secret braid&quot; is on youtube right here</p><p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXuBs_wYsnI</p>
I put up the braid step!! Hope you will change your mind and vote!
What size of the cut pieces do you do this with ?
about 15-25. I put up the braid step!! Hope you will change your mind and vote!
why do an even do this of you're worried about your &quot;secrets&quot;. this could have been cool.
I put up the braid step!! Hope you will change your mind and vote!
<p>This comment may not seem positive, but I hope it is constructive...I certainly mean for it to be. I have to agree with the spirit of some of the previous comments, even though their delivery may have been less than kind. I believe Instructables is all about teaching how to do things, not &quot;almost&quot; or &quot;kind of&quot; teaching how to do things. Why in the world would you leave out what you yourself call &quot;important&quot;? It also seems confusing that you post first that you're not willing to share your secret about the braid, then in the final steps you say you will post a future Instructable about the braid. If you are going to share it in the future, why is it you, in your own words, &quot;can't tell us this important part&quot;?</p><p>If you're not willing to share all aspects of your process, it might be best to wait until you either a) have a different process you're willing to share or b) have changed your position on sharing the current process. I do appreciate what you have posted, but I cannot say it is a good teaching tool without all the steps involved.</p><p>Again, please take this as constructive criticism to help you better serve your audience.</p>
I put up the braid step!! Hope you will change your mind and vote! I really appreciate your words, and hope you will look at some of my other instructables to maybe help me on those!
<p>Nicely made instructable, disappointed that I was unable to do this one as the core weaving know-how was missing - could have been so much better!!</p>
I put up the braid step!! Hope you will change your mind and vote!
<p>What is the purpose of the metal beads/shot? You didn't explain... And why no explanation of the weave? What game are you talking about? Is it a proprietary weave you invented? I think I'm going to go check other whip instructables. Thanks for wasting my time.</p>
I put up the braid step!! Hope you will change your mind and vote!
<p>I wonder who picks the instructables to be put in the email newsletter.. do they not actually look at the ones they choose? I keep on clicking ones that look cool but find out they are half-done with tons of dumb spelling and grammar mistakes. I am sorry but how am I suppose to believe people know what they are doing with these things if they can't even run a spellcheck or do a quick proof read :|</p><p>Interesting paracord whip tho, and it looks cool. I would like to try this some day. Thanks</p>

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