This Instructable is one on how to create your very own whip out of paracord! Haven't we all wanted to just crack a whip, watching as your friends and family stare in awe of your whippy awesomeness?

Of course, with all things that go really fast there are also dangers (guns, cars, airplanes, Chuck Norris) so you should treat them with respect. Wear safety glasses so you don't hurt your eyes! Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way. Also, you're trying not to whip anyone so make sure all humans and animals are well away before you start swinging your whip. Remember this is going to (hopefully) break the sound barrier, and that's around 768 mph*! What I'm trying to get at is: don't hurt yourself or others. 

*it actually depends on your elevation, humidity, and temperature , but 768 mph is at sea level with normal conditions. here is the wiki page on the speed of sound

Step 1: Stuff You Need

Two hands

That's right all you need is paracord and you have a whip that should break the sound barrier! (at least mine does)

Depending on how long you want your whip to be you'll need about 30 to 50 yards of paracord to make a whip 8 to 12 feet long the blue one in the first picture was made from 50, and the silver one i'll be making in this instructable was 31 yards.

Guns cars airplanes Chuck Norris..... LOL
I have always thought that this chain was called monkey chain or slip knot chain plus this instructabal is like mine (we use the same chain)
why not braid it?
Because you only have one strand with this method, not three or more<br><br>
I have built two of these, and im working on another right now, and they work great, but there are some improvements ive made, if you tie a loop into the handle string, then do a cobra weave around that, then fold it over, then do a west country whipping around that, it makes a great handle, and if you take the end string, twist it, then fold it and tie it to the end of the daisy chain, so it makes a twisted loop, then take a strip of leather and cow hitch it to the loop, and attach a twisted string cracker to the leather, it makes it much easier to crack. But these are great whips, and very fun to use.
2 things 1 its a snake whip just letting you know and 2 its better to make the cracker seprate the whip will last longer
its clearly a messy pile
could i use twisted nylon rope
i went and bought some 1/4 braided&nbsp;nylon rope from wally world and it works&nbsp;wonderfully
&nbsp;Depends, what king of nylon rope is it? If it's really stiff, then probably not.&nbsp;<br /> If it feels sort of soft then it might work, I've never tried it. If you do make one, tell me how it works out.
its really flexible but i already it. its kinda short
ivmade one in like 10 mins out of 50 yards.<br />
&nbsp;that's fast!

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