For this Instructable gonna wrap a handle on a custom camp axe that I made. This form of wrap could be used on any type of handle. A nice thing about this type of handle is that if needed you have however many feet of rope with your tool. Last summer I actually unwrapped a handle for rope (that I forgot) to hang my food in a tree. Sorry bears!

Paracord short for Parachute Cord is a lightweight nylon rope used during World War II for yeah you guessed it parachute suspension lines. Today paracord is used widely through out all branches of the military and civilian use. The Mil spec paracord has six different grades ranging in strength from 95lb to 750lb. I use Type-III which has a minimum breaking strength of 550lbs. although I have personally tested it up to 1,000lbs. It consists of a sheath that contains seven two strand yarns. One of the nifty things about this rope is that it can be easily gutted of its inner yarns for more delicate jobs like sewing. The cord when gutted of the core yarns is considered Type-IIa which becomes much less elastic (good or bad thing depends) and retains a breaking strength of 225lbs.

OK so I use this stuff for everything $7 for 100' is hard to beat.

Things needed for this:

A tool to wrap (I used one of my custom made axes check out www.ooakforge.com)

Paracord don't be intimidated by buying 100 feet you will use it ;)

Sharp knife or scissors
Lighter or Soldering Iron
Something to hold your tool firmly in place
Spring Clamp

This project was done at the community workshop in Portland, OR !Shop People! Paracord was purchased across the street at Andy and Bax.

Step 1: Set Up

  So here we have everything we need all ready to go. The steel was oiled and buffed with beeswax to help prevent rust. I used a clean piece of leather inside the vise to protect the finish on the axe.  A stool or something to sit on is a great thing to have ready also.  
 Cutting the right amount of cord for a new project is a guessing game that I have become good at . I have no calculation just leave more than you think you'll need and cut off the excess later. To give you an idea this axe handle was nine inches long one inch deep and one quarter inch thick. I started with 20ft and ended up cutting off about two ft.

This pattern worked great on my Venezuelan machete!
I have never seen this knot used but rather than using no method to quesstimate how much cord you need, make three knots on the thickest part of the handle. Make marks at the end of these stitches with contrasting sharpie. Also measure length of handle covered. Dividing the length by three will tell you the size of each stitch. Divide the length to be covered by the size of the stitch to learn how many stitches you need. Measure the cord between the sharpie marks and divide it by three. This will tell you how much cord you need for each stitch. Multiply that number by the number of stitches you need. Add 12 to 24 inches to this number and that will tell you how much cord you need for the project before you lose your sanity. Use heat or tape on the ends to keep them from ravelling.<br>
<p>The knives look great too!</p>
<p>I love this I think this is great !</p>
Do you know of any other websites like this one?
This is very nice indeed, I love your wrapping method!
عالی بود دم شما گرم :)
Awesome instructions! Wrapped my gunstock war ax in about 30 mins! Thanks for the help!
Used this technique on seat belt extender for my mom... Works great!
Nice. I haven't tried this yet but hope to soon. Nice instructions.
<p>Awesome job. Thanks for sharing!</p>
How did you make the camp axe
<p>Here is my first experiment with your technique on a pretty cheap ($20) katana's tsuba. I think it turned out well considering I haven't had much practice with tsuba wrapping or Paracord in general. It does provide a nice grip, but as I also don't know much about swords in general, it might be too slippery in practical use. Visually, it looks cool (and would look better given more time and attention to detail). In any instance, given the cheapness of the sword and all, the paracord was definitely an upgrade from the crappy nylon tsuba wrap originally on it.</p>
lately I've been toying with making (or customizing at least) a katana, but without strictly adhering to Japanese rules. I thought about wrapping the handle in paracord (never worked with the stuff). I think this wrap would look cool that way, so I have a cheap katana I am going to try it out on. I'll post my results when I'm done.
Great taste I. Choice of beer ??<br><br>Love there IPA and lucky13
<p>My blank Damascus knife got here today so I used this to make the handle, it came out solid, thanks!</p>
I thought this looked cool and I tried it, but I wasn't very successful. I think the easiest wrap is the Paracord Lighter Wrap. Yours is cooler, but if anyone has a hard time, I would suggest that. Great job!
how did you get the curls on the knives you showed at the end?
Nice Work!
What are this little knives at the last slide called
OK, this will definitely be the way I wrap my ninjato's handle!
please make a website to sell these on and then comment so i know what it is. here is a website to make a website: webs.com. its free<br>
Done finally. Thanks for the support. <br>
www.harlanwhitman.com shopping cart soon to come. Until that is done will post pics of what is available and price. Sales will be made via email/paypal.
If you're doing it yourself, you should check out Wordpress's eCommerce plugins. I just built my girlfriend's website, and it was incredibly easy and pretty customizable (if you want to that is. The themes they have these days are pretty amazing). Here's her website if you're interested in going that way: http://brokenrevolt.com/ (I also told her about your stuff, she's really into the style).
Hey offtopic here but how did you make the axe? i am pondering making one out of a leaf spring from a car truck etc any thoughts reccomendations?
So when you unwrap the handle in an emergency situation then what do you use as a handle?
in this design you could just use half the para cord and slide the other down or you could in preparation before you unravel the handle you could make a wooden one and glue it on with pine resin resin
I used this instructable to make a handle for a cheap throwing knife I had laying around. <br>Thanks for the instructable.
very neatly done. I would also consider using the through-holes in the handle for some of the wrasp to go through, since that will help keep everything in place.
Great job, man. Inspired me. My machete handle. Needed something to keep my hands busy during a &quot;Lost&quot; marathon. :)
Confession time! I'm terrible at the interwebs. My new years resolution is to get better at posting more ibles and responding to ya'll. The new website is another big step which will be updated with a new item weekly at least. <br> <br>Thanks for all the support!
This is cool! Is that a stout? Can I substitute a pale ale, or regular ale? Keep it up, thanks!
Of course. I would still recommend a pint or so.
I like that hawk. What's it go for? Great styling in your blade work! D2?
That Hawk with the ti accent pins, para handle, made from O1 went for $275. D2 a great material for small skinners would be much to brittle for a hard working axe or any big chopper (In my opinion).
Do you sell these Tomahawks ?? if so do you have a website ?? <br>
Yes a website exists finally! www.harlanwhitman.com although at this time it is fresh and does not have a shopping cart orders are to be done via email at this time. <br> <br>Thanks, for the interest.
this is mine. i love it!
nice i have that knife (which i also have paracord wrapped) where did you get yours with out the black coating on it
I got it for my birthday but I have seen it at Cabela's.
That &quot;black coating&quot; is called BLUE.
i know what a blued knife looks like this knife is more of a power coat
Hmm. Well, sorry if I was rude before. I should've thought before I spoke.
sorry i was kinda rude also <br>
Can we get an instructable for the camp axe!
that is a hefty looking hatchet dude<br>i want one so bad<br>any guess at the price your going to sell them for?
great source for real paracord, not the fake stuff. Here ya go:<br><br><br> http://www.visionforum.com/browse/product/genuine-paratrooper-cord/?price=3,5&amp;sortby=8&amp;cid=1142<br><br>ps sorry i dont know how to paste a link. so you have to copy and paste this into your browser. pps love the paracord wrap! i am planning on wrapping m knife when my paracord gets here, but my knife wont fit in my current sheath with the rope on it, so im going to make a leather sheath. il post a 'ible when im done. maybe.
Just did this for my sledge hammer. Sweet!

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