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Introduction: Paracord Yarmulke

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You can do anything with Paracord, so I decided to crochet a yarmulke (or kippah) just in time for Passover. 

This is all very basic single crochet, increasing every so often to match the size of the wearer's head.  You'll start out increasing one every stitch, then every third stitch by the time you reach the outside fo the yarmulke.  Crocheted paracord has lots of flex, so you should be able to mold the yarmulke to exactly the shape you prefer with ease.

I found my metal #9 crochet hook was fine for paracord - test your stash of hooks to see what works. 



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    Made one for my Friend, The crochet is easy however, it was little painful for me. I used loose stitches to be able to work the hook in. Great project.!

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    Wow, it looks great!
    And yes, I hear you on the painful bit - paracord is significantly rougher than yarn. At least this one goes fast.

    Well, that makes no sence to me... How you make it?! Thats the problem

    Great stuff keep on the good work. Not mad about the color <("*_*)> It must took a lot of time to make this paracord project.

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    Crochet is actually pretty quick - much quicker than the knot-tying you generally see used for paracord projects. Now that I've done it once, I could probably make one of these in ~15 minutes.

    sweet kippah! i'd totally ware this to school!

    Nobody appreciates my levels of preparedness!