Picture of Paracord Yoyo (Yo-Yo) Holster
When my son recently became interested in Yoyo, I was on board with him.  We headed to the toy store and bought one for each of us.  The more he's practiced, the more he started looking for new tricks.  He found Yoyo Holsters online that will clip to your belt, which is a cool idea.  They are not terribly expensive (about $6.00) but the shipping costs were at least that much.  So, we set out to MAKE our own!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
I had all of this stuff in my toolbox, so the cost was $0 to build.  Here is what we used:

-550 Paracord, we use about 20" per Holster.  No reason you couldn't use any cord or even a sturdy shoelace!
-One 1/4" Cord Lock (4 pack from REI costs $2.25)
-One small carabiner or other spring-loaded hook.  I had these, but you can find inexpensive ones at any hardware store.

You will also need:
-Bic lighter or match to re-melt the ends
-A golf tee or paper clip might be needed to thread the cord through the Cord Lock
hvostic12 months ago
They're duncan imperials i think.
mlslrsn2 years ago
What Yoyos does he have?
Truehart3 years ago
very cool idea!