Picture of Paracord Zippo lighter pouch
in this 'ible i will be showing you how to make a paracord lighter pouch like the one in the photo above. This lighter pouch is made specifically for Zippo brand lighters and is different to most lighter pouches of any kind as it allows the lighter to be  easily opened without taking off the pouch. This project is surprisingly simple and fun so please try it and post a photo in the comments =P.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
The materials I used were:
A zippo lighter
20ft of Paracord
A leather button
A carabiner
some sort of sealant for the leather button (i just used fabric glue diluted in water because even though i had leather varnish it takes too long to dry and the fabric glue is easier to work with)

The tools I used were:
A lighter
A silver sharpie
Jewellers needle nose pliers (teethless) to help move the needle through tight places
A large blunt needle or a paracord needle

crashzoom5 months ago
Worked great. tnx
Didn't have a needle...improvised with a paperclip...
SparkySolar10 months ago

Thank you for your Instructable

Nice job.


n_d_hanks made it!1 year ago

hey man I made this, not even realizing there was already an instructable. If you want I can give a pointer to get some super sharp corners

NanoRobotGeek (author)  n_d_hanks1 year ago

Wow, great minds think alike XD. Some tips would be great (I still have a few bare lighters)

gomer3941 year ago
So... any burny-melty fires yet? Is it really worth it to have to push the flammable material out of the way every time you use your lighter?
I never do and I only get burnt from not being careful around the melted ends :/

this is brilliant!

NanoRobotGeek (author)  Pure Carbon1 year ago

Thank you very much. I would greatly appreciate it if you could vote for my instructable in the paracord contest =3.

I will vote for you if you vote for my snow shoes

NanoRobotGeek (author)  Pure Carbon1 year ago

sure =P

here's a picture of the one that I made, in the second one you can see that I added a p38 can opener because I can't stand having to use a hand crank one and I will all ways have my lighter on me now.

NanoRobotGeek (author)  Pure Carbon1 year ago

wow. that looks really nice =P. i just wish i had a good supplier of paracord so i could get multiple colours as well. I think it looks a lot better if its not just camo =P

check on ebay, you can get 100 feet of 550 paracord in just about any design and/or color you want for usually about 7-8$ with free shipping. thats where i get mine...there are multiple sellers on ebay that sell paracord and some of them sell spools of up to 500 feet (but those are around 40-45$) and shipping is usually fast (between 3 and 5 days after paying to your front door) aslong as its not coming from china


Michael C1 year ago
Great idea the only problem I see is that paracord is flammable and the potential hazard of catching fire or melting. Still very creative out if the box approach.
NanoRobotGeek (author)  Michael C1 year ago

I did find that to be a bit of a problem but only with the little hook for the button and it was pretty easily fixed just by pushing it out of the way of the flame.

jamob1 year ago
I've been thinking they need a "sheath" for a zippo for a long time, couldn't figure out how to do it. Great job especially in figuring out how to do it with para cord!

Wow...loved the idea :).

Really nice!

NanoRobotGeek (author)  emilyvanleemput1 year ago

Thanks. I see that you have been up to a lot lately too

I sure have :)