Paracord Bracelet





Introduction: Paracord Bracelet

Simple paracord bracelet

Step 1: Materials

Clip and 15 feet of paracord

Step 2: Prepare Ends

Use a lighter to burn the ends. This will prevent fraying.

Step 3: Weave the Runs Between Clips

Leave a small end out . Running the cord back and forth between the clips. This gave me 7 lines on the front/top and 6 on the back/bottom. Keeping them all even. I measured 10 inches from clip end to clip end for the length.

Step 4: Start Weave Down the Runs.

Weave over under and back n forth.. Then tighten & repeat until you've done this throughout the entire thing.

Step 5: Back Weave

Back weave the same way you weaved through. This will help square up the weave pattern. Cut off excess cord and burn ends. Tuck ends into weave. You're done!


  • Just received a jig ...-wardenjtkj

    wardenjtkj made it!


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This could very easily become a belt or a gear strap. Nice simple weave.

what was your final length after weaving?

It came out to 9 inch bracelet..Looks like I over looked that. Edit time thx..

thanks I made a bracelet after reading how you did yours, but I made a jig to make it easier

cool. I'll bet it helped a lot. when they make rugs with this weave they weave it on a machine called a loom.

Maybe I'm not in-the-know with paracord, but I've never seen this weave pattern with paracord before. Great Job!

Its basically the same weave they use to make rugs.