Step 5: Start making the knots

Picture of Start making the knots

The knot used for the bracelet has a few different names, cobra stitch, Solomon bar, and Portuguese sinnet. Take the cord on the left side and place it under the center strands running between the buckle ends. Now take the cord on the right side under the left side cord, over the center strands, and thru the loop of the left side cord. Tighten up the cords so the half knot you just formed is next to the buckle. Now take the right side cord under the center strands. The left side cord goes under the right side cord, over the center strands and thru the loop of the right side cord. Tighten up the cords (not too tight, just until they meet the resistance of the knot) and now you have a completed knot. You will continue doing this alternating the left and right sides as you go. If you don't alternate, you'll quickly see a twisting of the knots, just undo the last knot and alternate it to correct.

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anasdad1 year ago

Nicely done!


anasdad1 year ago

Nicely done!


JKMax1 year ago

I just made this, and it was easy. I did a few modifications though. I wound about 25-30 feet of 12 lb test fishing line around the inner cords, and then put two small fishing hooks inside a small strip of aluminum foil, which can be used to lure the fish with it's reflecting capabilities. The fishing hook package has a small piece of electrical tape around it and I attached it towards the buckle area. It is a tiny bit larger than the rest of the bracelet, but since the buckle is underneath your arm, it doesn't show. Now if you have to use it for actual have your hooks and line. You could also put a couple of split shots (weights) in there, but being mostly lead, I think I will put those inside the ends of my new paracord shoe laces! Just thought of something could attach a bobber to the bracelet as a charm!! Just kidding.

I have just started doing paracord projects & your website is awesome. Things are clear & tell me just what I need to know. I am enjoying this very much!

polyglot2 years ago
This showed how to do the braiding really well, but how do you end it? I can't figure out what to do when you get to the other buckle, lol.
Stormdrane (author)  polyglot2 years ago
There are several ways to finish, including sewing, melting, gluing, or tucking the ends back under the last couple of knots. Step 7 of the instructable describes how to end the bracelet. ;)
Just a helpful tip, I learned to tie a loop at the end of the left cord making it my lead cord. This is the cord I always start with. If you do this you'll never forget which side you tied last and you won't get the knots twisted.
pgarcia153 years ago
Awesome dude, now i just have o go get some paracord,hey where can i get brightly colored paracord, like lime green or something
Stormdrane (author)  pgarcia153 years ago
There are many online vendors for paracord, like the Supply Captain mentioned in the instructable, as well as sources on ebay, Amazon, etc...

My local Army/Navy surplus store carries a variety of colors now, so you should check one in your area too...
bioboy7253 years ago
I looked at this awhile ago and when I couldn't decide what to do with left over cord on a monkey's fist keychain, I used this. It looks great.
aplyler4 years ago
I found that if after you do step five, you put the ends through the other end of the buckle, so you instead of two strands to wrap around you have four. This gives it a fuller look and makes it look more like an authentic survival strap. (
Stormdrane (author)  aplyler4 years ago
If using a 3/8" buckle, there will only be room for two strands of paracord, and depending on the cord, there may or may not be room to double up the cord around the ends of a 1/2" sized side release buckle. The 5/8" are just the right size to work the cord around the buckle ends again(4 strands width). If using a larger 3/4" or 1" wide buckle, the cord can be worked around the ends several times to fill up the space. ;)
I used a 3/16" D shackle. Looks exactly like the ones on except my shackle doesn't have a hole in the pin head.
badfish814 years ago
How do you avoid the twisting of the bracelet, I'm working on my second one, and even though I adjust the knots, it always starts to twist in like a candy cane swirl.

Any ideas or is this just how it turns out?
Stormdrane (author)  badfish814 years ago
If there is twisting, it sounds like you may have mis-tied a knot or two, which sometimes happens. With a series of square knots you shouldn't have a problem with twisting.
nd347944 years ago
this is what has really helped me and that makes me so happy because these instructions really helpful
nd347944 years ago
this is awesome

Pretty soon here, my unit is going to be pushing out on yet another deployment.  We're always required to take 5-7 feet of paracord with us and this is such a fun way to take it.  Although it's probably unauthorized to wear them while in uniform, I'm going to be making one for each person that is going out with us.  The only downside is that in an emergency, it would probably be difficult to get the cord unraveled, but let's be honest, most of us will just wear them for the look and take extra cord with us for those emergencies.  Your's was the most instructional guide I've found to making these bracelets and though, yes, there seems to be many more types of knots that can be used to make these, this seems to be the quickest.  Thanks!!

If ur a Marine -- then yes they are unauthorized ...
Hell if you're any respectable serviceman, they're unauthorized. God bless you Marine.
there called lanyards you put them over your left shoulder under your epelet pass the loop through the other and secure it to your left breast pocket im in the the Royal Canadian Air Cadets and we use them for our ceremonial whites and for parade positions to accompany the white belts
When I was in the Military I would stuff about 10 feet of cord in the handle of my M-16.  This is a good idea though.
oh my god  i have been trying to learn how to braid parachute chord like this for ever now i know, thanks
i made it ad it is sweet
Miss Twist6 years ago
Absolutely wonderful...I shall add this to my ever expanding list of cord weaving. Thank you.
MikeyNCat6 years ago
You did a great job on these instructions. I just thought I would add that for a beginner like myself, I did this on a table with plenty of room, and I taped down the female end of the buckle. This helped keep everything still as I tried to manage the cord for the knots. I hope this helps the beginners.
darkside_76 years ago
I made several for my friends and family while I was in Iraq....they loved them
Moonrabbit6 years ago
Just made one here at work. Best thing about it is if I ever need some rope just unbraid it. Nice survivalist jewelry. Might hang one of those little P-38 canopeners from it as a charm.
dcms46 years ago
Great tut. Basically a para - hemp style bracelet. I used the idea to make my boyscout a belt using 50' with a carabener buckle.
opus337 years ago
The only thing I would say you should change is how tight you tie the knots. The point in this bracelet is to have a nice length of 550 cord to use in a pinch. So the tighter you tie the knots the more cord you will have. Plus if all the knots are pulled as tight as you can, you know they are all uniform.
rachel8 years ago
The knot is exactly like a square knot, except for the two strands captured in the middle. But if those were removed, it is a series of square knots. And if you do not alternate sides, you get a series of granny knots. Which might actually create a nice spiral effect, if done evenly (and probably with a smaller size cord).