Step 6: Continue knotting

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Keep tying the knots until you have filled the space between the buckle ends. The knots should be uniform from one end to the other. Tie each knot with the same tension to keep the them all the same size.

crabmanwill2 years ago
I would like to say thank you for making a very good Instructable and it was just nice and easy to use. I have just one question, my bracelet keeps twisting like it is winding up and if you could tell me what I am doing wrong that would be nice? Thank you in advance.
Stormdrane (author)  crabmanwill2 years ago
If you're getting a twist in the bracelet, it's possible you missed alternating each knot, where you'd have two half knots tied in a row instead of a series of square knots.

Or, it may be that your individual working strands are twisting as you tie each knot, and in that case avoid the twisting as you tighten each knot, rolling the cord in you fingers to straighten it out, then move on to the next knot.  Hope that helps. ;)
DonnaSue9733 years ago
Thank you Stormdrane the instructions were very easy to understand. I completed mine in under an hour. Purchased my supplies at Tent City in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, 75 cents for the clasp and about 3 dollars for the paracord. I used 11 feet of cord to make 7 inches of knotting.
para bracelet.jpg
Minke5 years ago
This looks like the exact same way to make a flat hemp bracelet.
lwindom Minke4 years ago
That's because it is. :p
Stormdrane (author)  Minke5 years ago
The knotting process is the same, but this instructable shows how to make one with versatile paracord and a side release buckle, instead of a commonly used knot and loop closure.  The buckle makes for a more secure closure and offers the added utility of making them for dog/cat collars.
EGT19844 years ago
When I was making mine I wanted the knotted pattern closer together so I pulled the knots closer together. The end result was a stiffer bracelet with a (seemingly) more complex pattern. Simply hold the female connector and pull the knots down the bracelet to make room for more knots.